Build the Ark!

Now you may be thinking that this picture is pretty WASHED out looking, kind of dreary.....without a warm sun to brighten it up. Ding-Ding-Ding! You have correctly answered the million dollar question of the day: what's wrong with this picture?

On the front page of our local paper which you can find at www.tdn.com
it reports that today is our 46th consecutive day of rain. That's right - CONSECUTIVE. On Fox News out of Portland,OR last night they said that in Cougar,WA they had 45+ inches of rain in the month of January. It's INSANE people, IN-SANE!!!

Believe it or not, people from Washington actually go out in this weather w/out umbrellas, heavy coat or rain gear. One lady was spotted today by the community college in only jeans and a summer shirt while MY wipers were at full speed!

I was going to put a rental house up for sale but there's a lake in the backyard. No joke! I'll post a picture of it when I can float over there. I know people want lake-front property, but this is RIDICULOUS!

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