I'm a Sick-O!!

Came down w/ some sort of a cold, voice is hoarse and just don't have any energy. Blowing my nose like crazy....but I am getting a lot of reading done. My two boys are pretty snot-nosed too...and I don't mean that as a figure of speach!

If I get into a REALLY good book, then I just plow through it and can't put it down. Yesterday I read "Dreamers" by Angela Elwell Hunt in its entirety!!! So today I started "Brothers" and am finding difficulty tearing myself away from it. Historical fiction and that's just about my very-most-favoritest!!

My Poppy is here today helping to hook up the lights in my remodeled upstairs bath and hallway. Next on the list should be laying the porcelain tile on the floor. We are matching it to the kitchen, it's Italian and I LOVE it! Very different from the usual tile. I'll post pictures when we are closer to being done. Not going to show you any of my kitchen yet either because we are soon to repaint it and its looking pretty shabby.

Hoping to have more energy soon. Had to pass on watching JD tomorrow so I don't get him sick as well.

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alison koh said...

aww... you poor thing, and just the greatest excuse to cuddled up and read books and not feeling guilty about it :) hope you get better soon. looking forward to see the NEW kitchen. take care!