'Gotta Have My "Idol" Fix!

We love "American Idol" around our house and its really starting to get exciting w/ the competition just beginning. I really like Paris and a few of the guys...haven't learned their names yet...but you just have to love Garet Johnson a.k.a. Turkey Boy. He's an adorable 18 yr. old from Wyoming. Here's a picture of him at the auditions in Denver, Co. http://www.idolonfox.com/photos/?cat=1&sub=8&pic=1977

Another interesting note about Garet, is that his cousin Dawn Johnson-Deal writes an article called The Other Day in my local newspaper. To read "Don't let 'American Idol' gobble up cousin who serenades his turkeys" click here:
Feel free to post your comments and opinions about the show, its hosts and your favorite contestant. My kids' "IDOL" impersonation pictures are sure to follow so stay tuned.


Cindy said...

Wasn't that awesome about Kelly Clarkson's double Grammy win last night? And the ones she beat out!!! Wow! I am also a fairly new blogger as is my daughter (you posted about the Seahawks game on hers)and it also took me hours/days to get mine up and running! I am somewhat pc challenged so everything takes me longer. Buts is so gratifying when I can get something on my blog like a Flickr, etc. Have fun with yours. I'll check back.

CameraDawktor said...

I didn't see the Grammy's because I was watching Idol. I really liked your daughters blog, the title especially caught my eye. Thanks for the comment.