A Little Ditty about P the Clown

P the clown is a Jack-of-All-Trades.

His latest adventure has been a trip to the 7th Dimension.

There, it was discovered that in his past life he was a rock' sheetrock expert & mud-slingin' artist.

Because of his special training he was asked to remodel the high-tech John of a very short alien family.

P, of course, did a better job than any other clown ever had. However, poor P encountered a green-slime wasteproduct that permanently changed his aura from a warm orange to pee green. Poor P looks Pee'd on now...

Amazingly enough, P looks happy to be Pee'd on.

P the clown & other characters were created by my friend, Big Al. This P story is by myself. For more P stories go to Big Al's webiste @ www.ptheclown.com

For more on Big Al's rock'n art go to his website @ www.albertart.com

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