Photo Contest #1: Favorite Picture of Your Kid!

I'd like to announce a photo contest. It is called: "Favorite Picture of Your Kid." Here are the details:

1. Place your favorite photo of your child on your blog post and state that you have entered the CameraDawktor's Photo Contest #1 with a link to my site.

2. Send me an e-mail (cameradawktor@yahoo.com) that you have entered the contest.

3. Photos must be posted on your site and an e-mail sent to me by midnight PST March 30th, 2006. You must follow all rules to the contest to qualify.

4. The photo must be of your child or children and you may use only one photo of each child or group of children. No repeats or I have many favorite photos! This must be your favorite. If your child is an adult, feel free to post that too...this isn't limited to little kids. Limit one entry per child. If you have 5 children, you may enter one picture for each child.

5. Please place all entries on one post of your blog so that those who link back to your site may view all of your entries in one post.

6. All bloggers who enter will have a link to their site announcing their entry into the contest on my April 1st, 2006 post.

7. Photos that are sexually explicit or even remotely pornographic will be disqualified from the contest.

8. The winner will get a permanent link on my blog and be announced as the winner on my April 1st, 2006 post AS LONG AS I CONSIDER YOUR SITE RATED PG-13!!!!

9. You are encouraged to title your photo and tell a little bit about the picture, especially why it is your favorite.

10. I have a friend in mind to judge the entries, but I haven't asked him yet. I will edit this later and let you know who will be judging. If it's not Big Al, then it will be my kids and spouse (they will have fun with that!)

Have fun and please enter!! Here are my entries: 3 kids, 3 entries!!

"Pick'n Berries" Meyers D., age 2, July 1998.

I took this photo in my friend Pat's raspberry patch. Little Meyers D. was helping me pick and stopped for a break. She is a little blurry while the raspberries are in focus. I really like the look of it though, I think it gives the picture a wistful look. She looks older than her years and I wonder what she must be thinking about. Maybe it's, get me the hell-out-of-here, these pokeys are hurting me Mama!!

"Rustl'n Up Some Trouble" Max-Ay age 4 1/2, Mesa Arizona, October 2003

I love the look on Max-Ay's face in this photo, and the tattoo on his arm! Also, he has a baseball shirt on with his cowboy hat and a little FischerPrice cowby in his hand. I thought this wagon wheel and cactus was a perfect backdrop for this photo taken outside of a Mexican restaraunt. I have enlarged this B&W to an 8x10, framed it and have it hanging on my wall!

"T-Sam-E as the Christmas Story Kid" T-Sam-E, 2 1/2 years, Mt.St.Helen's,WA.

My hubby set my little boy up on a gaurdrail along the highway going to Coldwater Ridge Visitor's Center on the way up to Mt.St.Helen's. We were sledding with friends. This picture reminds me of Ralphie's little brother in the movie The Christmas Story, when his mom bundles him up for school, too well, and he runs down the sidewalk w/ his arms out yelling, "I can't move my arms!" I have this B&W framed with the one of Max-Ay and they are both hanging on my wall!

So here are my three entries, I hope you will have fun w/ me and submit some of your own!!


AL said...

I am working on some pics for your super secret project :) And even emailed a good friend that visited two summers ago to see what he has...

I am so going to win this competition - hehehe!

(Yes, I am very competitive!)

spicehut said...

All your kids are very cute !

Great idea of a photo contest.

LZ Blogger said...

Cute idea and cute kid shots! ~ jb///

Donnak said...

Okay, I'm not really the competitive type but who can resist posting pics of their kiddos?! I'll get mine together as well. :)

mysouth said...

Sounds like fun! Now i'm gonna have to rummage through the closet ..LOL..

Curious Mom said...

sorry if i sound like a spoilsport...but what's the prize for the winner? *giggles*

CameraDawktor said...

curious mom -
Read the fine print lady!!!!!!!