Babies, Benny Goodman Band & Baggage

Tonight's post is brought to you by the letter B. Upon sitting down to write, I realized that the 3 things I wanted to post about all had this wonderful letter in common.

I love babies. But they can be a lot of work. Therefore, I am done having them (unless God does a miraculous reversal!) If I want a baby-fix, which most mother's do, I must borrow or babysit. Today I borrowed. This upcoming week I will begin babysitting. My nephew J.D. will be coming on Tues, Wed, and Thrs.'s beginning this week. Today, his parents were moving so I borrowed him for the morning. The kids wanted me to put him in the babyswing and within 10 min. he fell asleep. He slept for 3 hours!!

Bennie Goodman Band:
This afternoon PapaD. and I went with some of his "old guy friends" and their wives from his Lions Club to a concert at the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts. It opened in 1925 and is just a beautiful old theatre. It has been restored and is used for all sorts of things on a regular basis. Even went to a wedding that was held on the stage there once!

We saw "Swingin' the Benny Goodman Songbook" which is a group that consists of a singer, pianist, chellist, clarinetist and drummer. I like all kinds of music and really enjoyed this stuff from the 30's and 40's. It's just not something you hear everyday. It's a blend of jazz and swing. Fun stuff and not at all put-you-to-sleepish.

After the concert we went out to dinner with the old guys. It's quite funny, here we are in our thirties and everyone else is 50, 60, even 70 years old. I like older people and its always fun to talk with them because they are so friendly. And, of course they think my kids are cute, so if the converstation gets boring (which it never does), we can always talk about that.

Which, I must say, brings us to the last "B" word, baggage...or lack thereof.

Earl is a new member of PapaD.'s group. He is from Louisiana. To be exact, St. Bernard Parish. Now if you have watched the news at all in the last few months you know that St. Bernard Parish was hit EXTREMELY hard in Hurricane Katrina. Earl's wife talked to me for a long time tonight about their experience and how they are doing now. She comes from a big family and they all lived in the Parish. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAD THEIR HOMES WIPED OUT! Thankfully, they all made it out alive. Some of them barely.

Earl and his wife ended up here in this little S.W. Washington town because their daughter lives here. They never usually evacuate for Hurricanes, but this time they decided to. When Earl was carrying the ax up to the attic, his wife said, "I don't think so." So, they left town with three sets of clothes, their wallet and purse and drove away.....expecting to come back in a few days. What they didn't know when they left was that their house would be submerged under 2 ft. of water.

They never returned.

Thus, they moved here with no baggage, except the pain I could see in Earl's wife's face as she told me how much she missed her 91 year old mother, and the simplicity of the neighbors coming over to talk with her everyday. She spent her whole life there and never, ever expected to leave.

But she did.

They are almost done building a house here in town that is funded, in large part, by their flood insurance settlement. Fortunately, they had a lot of it because where they lived was considered a flood area and they had an outdoor pool. Both of these things required more than your standard insurance policy. Of course, it's not enough to cover the whole cost of their new house, but it helps.

Everyone else in her family, and Earl's as well, have decided to stay and rebuild. There are 10 family members living in one house. She didn't cry, but I could see her tears behind her eyes. I told PapaD. that if you were to just scratch the surface, that they were right there.

What I learned tonight, is that Earl and his wife left their home without any bags. No clothes, food, guns (Earl collected them), or special family treasures. But when they moved up here they still had a lot of baggage.

I could tell they still do.


Chuck said...

That's great that you were able to enjoy the old music, then come home and find your blog working again.

So I guess the question is - do you feel confident in abandoning your Complaining blog?

My rule of thumb is that I would keep any workaround (which is what I'd classify your Complaining blog, or my RealStatus blog) for some period of time after it seems unnecessary, so I wouldn't have to waste time starting a new workaround if it should become necessary. The keep time would be equal to 2 to 3 times the active period where the workaround was necessary.

My RealStatus blog was active for a bit over a week, so I would guess that 3 to 4 weeks will be about right for it. Judging from Blogger Supports past record, I shouldn't have any trouble finding something to write about every couple days.

Just remember daybb.

DWJSDating? said...

I love the baggage topic. So true, so true.

Donnak said...

Good post! I missed hearing from you again today, lol. BTW: I posted.

NICK said...

What a great baby pic and what cool stories. Earl and his wife, that is a true story worth reading, and I'd love hear more if you speak with them again. There story reminds me of how blessed I am-so very blessed!

Yesterday morning, I spent finding homeless people, the rain and weather was horrible, and I took some teens and we went to find them, to bless them with food and clothes, etc. I gave everything away, everything from my trunk (sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, hats) and I even gave my jacket away.

God has placed people within our reach that need to be comforted and I am sure that Earl and his wife were comforted by you in sharing their story. And I agree that there is probably some big 'bags' to unpack still.

CameraDawktor said...

What a great comment you have posted here. I am so glad you took your Youth Kids to do that and I hope you will continue on a regular basis.

I was taught to be afraid of homeless people...As I was talking to Earl's wife I said, "I bet you never imagined that you would understand some of the things that homeless people go through..."

She readily nodded her head in agreement! These people were retired, owned their own home, had a swimming pool in their yard, lifetime worth of material possession....in the matter of a few hours it was buried in two feet of water. Amazing and Sad!

I would be honored to have a great guy like you w/ such a great heart be my kids' Youth Leader. God Bless You!

Lawanda said...

Awwww. Ya done made me cry. *sniffles*

CameraDawktor said...

You visited my site. YEAH!!!!!

Seanandcorinne said...

Hello... you visited my site. Now I am enjoying yours. Just like Barefeetsparkle's , I am envious of your site. I too am into digital photos and am having a hard time with photoshop. I will try to post a close up of my angel tattoo for you :-) Corinne (Birch Bay)

Seanandcorinne said...

Hello. Thank you for visting my blog. I am here enjoying your now. I am envious of how fun and full your blog is. I will try to learn from you and of course my friend Niki at Barefeetsparkle. I will try to get a close up of my angel tattoo for you ;-) Corinne (Birch Bay)

CameraDawktor said...

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you come again. I love your pregnant belly photos and I'm glad how proud you are of it. That's so cool!