Food, Water & Medicine

The Food:

Be careful now, you're drooling on your keyboard!

Meyers D & Papa D made me these wonderful
scones Sunday morning. They were sure tastey. We ate them warm with my homemade raspberry jam! Oh, so yummy...especially with a cup of Dutch Bros. Coffee! Boo-hoo I have to wait until Friday to get another shipment!!

No need for me to include the recipe they used, just click the scone link to see the secret ingredients! I was surprised at how tastey these
little guys were. And, they had so much fun blessing me with their cooking talents. Quite a change from the French Toast they usually make me.

Now look at this Baker hard at work. Don't tell me she hasn't seen her mom do this a few times! I wasn't even helping her, didn't get a chance to even watch or clean up the mess for that matter.....oh dratz!

The Water:

I've mentioned before a few times that we are undergoing a little remodel. We have torn out everything in the upstairs bath but the tub/shower. Now we've painted, put the new toilet in, worked on changing copper plumbing over to PVC and plumbed for two sinks, layed the cement board down for the tile and installed the new sink cabinets. Now I haven't mentioned countertop, sink, faucet yet have I? So where does the water come in?

This morning it was dripping on Papa D's head as he entered our unfinished room in the basement...which lies directly under the upstairs bathroom. Oh Shit, you say? Well, no...it wasn't that bad! Just water drip-drip-dripping onto his head and all over the floor. Fortunately nothing is sheetrocked in that room and he tore away some insulation and goosh-water everywhere. Needless to say there were a few unhappy moments in this house as he turned off the water (to the whole house) unscrewed the newly installed cabinets and pulled them away from the wall. Voila! Drippage. It's very difficult for a non-professional to change copper over to PVC. Everything was working fine, no leaks, until the installation process. All the jostling of the cabinets must have moved something loose and we have major, major leakage People.

We left the water on long enough this evening to bathe 3/5 people, run 2 loads of wash, fill a bucket for flushing toilets, do the dishes and fill pitchers for drinking water. We will be having no water here until tomorrow night when we repeat the process all over again. I wasn't too happy about the whole thing, but what can you do? I sure hope the Professional can get his sweet little butt over here in a timely manner. The first guy we called said he was busy all week! That just won't work for me.

The Medicine:

If you read my post from Friday night called
Temporarily Stoned, you know that I suffer from chronic and severe migraines. One of the things that my insurance company has so graciously allowed for me to do is see one of their Internal Medicine Doctors that also practices Ayurvedic Medicine. After visiting him the first time I adopted a few new good habits. Some are a work-in-progress and others I'm really faithful about. All of them are to improve digestion. One of the things I need to be better about is eating a cup of cooked greens for dinner. I do a good job of eating my main meal at lunch, most of the time. But I only know how to cook 1 kind of green one way. I love it, but it gets a little old after a few days.

Usually, I brown a small amount of bacon in a pan, add chopped onion and sautee until the bacon is a little crispy. Without draining the fat, I add 2c.+ chopped red chard and 1Tbsp. apple cider vinegar. Then, season w/ salt and pepper. I put the lid on and steam for about 4 min. or until tender. This is the way Mamasita taught me and it is quite tastey. But when you are trying to eat greens everyday, that gets old fast!

He suggested I steam my greens as usual, and while doing so, heat 1-2 Tbsp. olive or oil of choice and add spices. Heat the spices and oil until bubbly and toss over steamed greens. I can experiment with the spices I like and with various greens. So, this afternoon I bought Bok Choy and Red Chard (again, I couldn't pass it up). Oh! And I bought some fresh brussel sprouts (look green to me!) because I saw a great recipe on
Nic's site yesterday and I'm going to give it a try. Papa D has been complaining lately that I only cook the vegetables I like, and that he hasn't had brussel sprouts in a LOOOOONG time.

I will let you know how dilligent I am at the whole greens eating thing, and the wonderful spice combos I come up with. And, if you are reading this
SpiceHut, I sure hope you have some pointers for me on the eating of greens Indian-style!! I already have a few things in my spice cabinet like cumin, tumeric, garam masala, cardamom, marjoram, ginger and more! I also have Kala Channa, Spanish lentils and Turkish Red Lentils so HELP ME KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM MY DEAR SPICEHUT!!

So there you have it friends, my needs: Food, Water & Medicine!


spicehut said...

I'll email you a couple of simple recipes. I was anyways going to blog about something with greens & meat sometime this week.

Btw, to improve digestion I would suggest eating a bowl of papaya after a light dinner. Papaya works like nothing else ;).

CameraDawktor said...

Thanks for the tip!! Papaya it is!