Photo Contest #1: Just a little Reminder

Just a quick reminder that you have about 8 days left to post your Favorite Photo of your Kid on your Blog and e-mail me if you were planning on entering the CameraDawktor's First-Ever Photo Contest! Entries must be submitted by midnight March 30th PST. For details and rules go here.

I sure hope my blog keeps working well w/ all its pieces intact so I can be able to post the results here. In faith I'll just say right now, "Everything will be fine!!!"

I have an idea in mind for next month's topic and will announce that April 1st with the links of everyone who entered so people can see what was submitted, as well as the winner being announced. I know there's a lot of people who read this blog that don't leave comments and that's O.K....but I hope you will participate too!

Good Luck and Happy Picture Hunting!

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