A Weightier Moment in My Life

If you are thinking you don't want to read anymore of my post because I am one of those people that only talks about their weight, hold on and keep reading the rest of the posts on my blog. This is the first time I've ever talked about it. So read on....

Well Friends, our lives have many different phases and moments in them, and this was a weightier moment in my life....in more ways than one. If you check out my post on the ring, you can see in my wedding picture that I was 110 lbs. or so. Now as you can see from my driver's license, I am only 4'10", so that was a very good weight for me as a 19 year old. Realistically, I will probably never be that again. But this photo doesn't tell the truth about how heavy I really got. My peak was 174.

My husband came across this photo the other day when I was working on pictures for my Crazy Aunt L post. He said, "Oh my gosh, I forgot you were ever that heavy." He always knows the right things to say at the right time!!! Some things are better forgotten.

Now before you go thinking that I'm bashing heavier folks, think again. My weight issues are tied to my mental health issues, which I realize is not the case for everyone, but it is for me. So looking of pictures of the weightier me reminds me of a difficult, weightier time in my life.

Over the first 9 years of our marriage I put on 20 lbs. That's no big deal, I mean shoot I had 3 kids. But then my mental state began to plummet, and besides eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and how much I wanted, I also began taking medications to help me survive. I took many meds, and think I will keep the number to myself. Each one packed on 10 lbs.....minimum. So that is the story of how I got to the place you see in these pictures. Poor eating habits and perscription meds. And, besides that, I have NEVER been an excersiser.

It is another long story about how I lost the weight, and I'd like to tell you that I just put my mind to it, worked my ass off in the gym and became a marathon runner. But that would be a lie. Basically I got so miserable with my migraines that the doctor's put me on a new medication to see if it would reduce the frequency. The only thing it reduced was my weight, so that was a good side effect. I was on it about 8 or 9 months and lost about 40 lbs. After I went off it, still miserable from my migraines, I changed my eating habits even more and lost 18 lbs. on my own. I think I've gained approx. 8 back now, because my migraines have improved and I've started being more free with my eating. But I'm ready to start being disciplined again, and I have a lot of self-confidence because I've already lost 52 lbs. in less than a year's time, so I know that with effort I should be able to drop 12-15 lbs., which is my goal.

So, I am telling you all about it so you can celebrate with me when I've made progress, AND, to encourage you if you are starting the seemingly impossible task of losing 30 lbs. or more. But know, from seeing my before and afters, that you can do it w/out a pill, without joining a weight loss center, with will-power and faith as your guides.

Don't expect to read anymore posts about this for a very long time unless I am posting recipes that I am trying to help me on my journey. I've just got better things to discuss here than trying to lose weight.

T-Sam-E was nice enough to take this picture of me only a 1/2 hr. ago on my patio. He is a budding photographer, isn't he?! Nice work T-S-E!!!

Oh, I almost forgot. I went off all those perscription meds so that also has helped me lose the weight, but I was still on most of them when I dropped the 40 lbs. This snippet into the weightier part of my life is a glimpse into the reasons that I'm feeling good about feeling good, which I talk about in the About Me section of my profile. So now you are beginning to learn the rest of the story....Good Day!!


alison koh said...

wow! amazing! u look fantastic, great to hear you're off the meds. i'm sure you'll achieve your goal. :)

Stephanie said...

Wow...that's amazing. Congratulations! You've done more than just lose weight...you've faced demons and won. Seriously; way to go.

Donnak said...

Congrats! I am excited for you. I have to admit that I am in the 'weightier' part of my life. I am starting a 'weight loss blog' but I don't know how public I really want that. I have a LOT to loose and I fear failure. I need to work on my faith and my will power.

barman said...

I love Paul Harvey, very fun. Congratulations on your accomplisment so far. It is not easy, especially for women, to lose weight. I am just starting on my journey to once again lose a lot of weight. I have a lot to lose but if I could just make it too where you are it would be a huge improvement and maybe, just maybe, I could get off the three meds I am on.

Good luck on reaching your goal.

CameraDawktor said...

Barman-Feel free to e-mail me if you need encouragement in your weight loss journey, that's what I told DonnaK too. I know how difficult it can be, and discouraging. But small choices everyday lead to big adjustments. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and God Bless!

spicehut said...

COngratulations. You look great & you must have great will power.

Sometime ago I lost 30 pounds over 3 months but still 10 pounds over my ideal weight...some managed to creep back...but I am trying.