Wild Weather

Before I talk about the weather I'm going to play Kristine's photo game.

This looked like so much fun and this is my first time playing. First off, my garbage can. It looks stylish but the little toe-press thingy to open it broke, so we have to do it the old-fashioned way.

The next item, or items in my case, is the Junk Drawer. I had a junk hole to stash stuff in a bookshelf in my kitchen, but I got rid of that during our remodel. Now, I just have a couple of places that I keep it. Here they are:

Last but not least, the trunk...you'll understand what's in there and why when you read what I have to say about the weather. Thanks for the fun game Kristine I like any excuse to take a picture.

Snow in March? Man that seems crazy. We drove up to Tacoma for Lan's game Wednesday night and there was snow mixed in the rain on the way up. I haven't been watching the news lately so I had no idea that they were forecasting snow. It is pretty rare for us to get it this time of year.

The crazy thing about the snow is that the very same morning I took the studs off my minivan. I was probably the last person in town to do so and had been meaning to do it for a month. Crazy timing.

On the way home from the game, about midnight, I hit slush in the fast lane. It really pulled me around a little, but I was in our truck and felt pretty safe. Have to admit I was praying though....

So yesterday morning I woke up to a little snow on the ground. The kids' school bus was on snow routes.

About 1 in the afternoon yesterday I look outside and see this:

It was just gorgeous, so I quick went outside and snapped a few pics.
It's so strange to see the flowering plum, daffodils and all the other "spring stuff" w/ a dusting of snow on them. Very odd...

So last night Papa D & I decided to watch a few more episodes of Lost (DVD Disc 6). It was about eleven o'clock and he got up from the couch and said, "Look at that!" The snow from earlier in the day had already completely melted, but I looked outside and there in the twilight was about a 1/2 in. to an inch of snow! We stayed up for a while longer and enjoyed the serenity of it all. The house was quiet, kids all tucked in bed, and these big flakes were just floating ever-so softly to the ground.

By the time I woke up most of it was gone, and now there's just a little snow mixed in the rain. But it sure is strange to see "the white stuff" in March!


spicehut said...

hey did you get my comment ? posted it sometime back...

Kami said...

Eeeeegggaaadddds, that's a big ole' junk drawer!


Welcome to SPF!

Jana said...

I loved the story about your third child above. Great SPF, too!

Thanks for your comment on mine!

jayfish said...

your biggest junk drawer is quite impressive. and i don't think i want to hear about the step can breaking. that's one of my fears about mine :)