Baby J.D.'s First Day w/ Auntie

Today was my first official day babysitting J.D. It went extremely well! I couldn't have had it go any better.

About 45 min. after he got here (8 a.m.), he drank a 4 0z. bottle and went to sleep. He slept for 3 hours

When he was awake today he cooed, smiled and jibber-jabbered up a storm. He's really at just a great age....not rolling over/crawling/walking so I don't have to chase him around yet. Baby J.D. posts will sound much different when those things start happening. My brother came and picked him up at 3:45pm. He said, "How did it go?" With that worried parent look on his face (you have to remember this is the first time I've ever seen that look on his face!) And I, like a mean sister, said, "Well............." "Bad?" he said. "NO IT WAS AWESOME!" I teased him.

It really was.

I think T-Sam-E really ejoyed having him here even if he is so much older. He's never gotten to act like a big brother/cousin before. So it's great experience in kindness/compassion/caring for him. He wanted to hold him, give him his bottle, help burp him.....but not change the diaper. Who can blame him?!

Of course my up & coming CameraDawktor had to take a few snapshots of his little buddy for himself. I cropped it up for him but he did the rest. Even posed him with the bear. Now ain't that sweet?!

I think my favorite moment of the day was when Baby J.D. had been awake for awhile, had just had a big 4oz. bottle and was quite talkative. I told T-Sam-E that he should read him a story. He went out and brought back a few of his beginning reading books. The next thing I knew it J.D. was sacked-out by the sound of T-S-E's little reading voice. I just had to get a picture of that...or my name wouldn't be CameraDawktor, now would


spicehut said...

The photo of JD sleeping on his back is sooooooooo cute.

Adelaide Dupont said...

That is awesome he got to act like a big brother. We all need that experience of caring for someone smaller to realise the bigger things beyond ourselves. Tragically, I have not had that experience at a crucial age, and thus lead a fairly barren life in that sense. Thank you for showing me what is possible. If men are nurturers too we will have a better human race, a more Godly world and less war.

And the baby of course was just adorable.

So my instincts are not quite shut down there.

mysouth said...

aww. Sounds like everything went well. I just luv em babies =Þ

CameraDawktor said...

My babies looked like that when they slept on their backs too. It was a special bringing back memories moment!!!

Adelaide DuPont-Yes, I love it that this young man is learning sensitivity, nurturing, etc. My boys' Daddy has always been good at caring for their needs, gettng up in the middle of the night, changing diapers, giving bottles, soothing owies, singing songs....

He is a good example for them! I'm glad this story blessed you.

awww...I luv em babies too.

DWJSDating? said...

They both look so cute. I am glad it went well for you, I was wondering how you were holding up!

Donnak said...

First of all HOW CUTE! Isn't that new parent look funny now that we don't have it anymore? lol What a special 'up & coming CD' you have. Great at taking pictures AND a big helper today. He deserves an extra hug tonight!

CameraDawktor said...

I am holding up great, thanks!!

Yeah, he is a cutie, and I can brag because I'm not his mom!! Yes, my up & coming CD is a great helper, except where he marked on the wall yesterday (measuring his height), he hasn't pulled crap like that since he was 2 yrs. old. Don't know what he was thinkng because he didn't seem jealous!!