Photo Contest #1: Reminder

Just a little reminder here to you to post your favorite picture of your kid on your blog if you want to participate. This link will explain all the details if this is your first time hearing about it.

So far 3 people have posted their pictures on their blogs and about 1/2 dozen more expressed an interest. I hope you will find the time to join in the fun!

It's Friday again and thought I would join in Kristine's SPF fun. This week it's brought to you by the Letter C: your coat, your candles, your couch.

Yes, this is my dog Zoe and NOOOO she doesn't start with the Letter C. But dang, my coat is real boring so I thought I'd let my dog wear it and then turn it into art!

Obviously, it is a black coat, Eddie Bauer brand, constructed of Thinsulate for keeping me warm and dry over here in wet, wet, Washington.

*Note: Dogs don't hold still very well with large coats on their backs!

Here are my lovely candles from Pier One. Peach something-or-other and some berry kind. The iron candleholder was purchased for me @ a Garage Sale by PapaD.

I had big plans for this photo shoot, start a fire in my rock'n red fireplace, put a bunch of candles on the mantle and click-click-snap.

But no, my nephew had to tell me the wrong time to go to his band concert so I sat in a Junior Highscool cafeteria for an hour watching 6-7-8 graders act like dorks w/out hearing a single note of music!!

Last but not least, my couch. It took me 14 years of marriage to get some new furniture. Everything else has been hand-me-downs or used. We went to by captain's beds for the boys and Papa D sat down on this couch and said he wasn't getting up unless he could buy it.

What girl would argue with that? Although leather would have been nice!!

Well friends, the panic is over. My blog was down w/ problems and unveiwable to everyone, including myself, for at least 16 hrs. I was ready to copy & paste everything in my drafts to word, start a new blog and paste everything back in.
I was not looking forward to that, so I'm glad I'm back! Looks like some of my links, all my archives, flick'rs and google image ad are gone though. WTF: I wish you could call blogger and get some customer-service, but I guess this is free, so what should I expect...


DWJSDating? said...

Your back in full force! I love the couch and the view behind it even more.

I am going to participate in the contest, but I am waiting for the right shot. Loco is only five months, don't have many contest worthy ones to date! When I do my post, I will let you know.

Levin said...

I had problems with blogger too, but I'm glad everything's back online. And I like that photo of Zoe. The effects give it a really cool arty feel. :)


spicehut said...

COngrats ! You're back & running.

CameraDawktor said...

Well, not really, my most recent posts don't have sidebar or 1/2 missing