Cleaning Up Life's Messes

Welcome to the real world of my not-so-perfect life! You are now entering the 5th dimension of the CameraDawktor's messy bedroom! This was my task-for-the-day, to clean it up!

Meyers D was home sick today so she and T-Sam-E watched Phantom of the Opera while I cleaned.

They also did some painting today. It is so nice that my kids are bigger now and they can clean up their own paint mess. I must confess, didn't let them do it much when they were little because I didn't want the clean up job. So yeah for them, they can do it themselves now!
Here is some of their work!

Something cute that T-Sam-E said: (pointing at his nipples) "Mom, what are these things called?" "They're called breasts T-S-E" I said, smiling.
"Oh!" he grinned REAL big. "Is that where those things go over,,,,what they called?" he said.

"Bra. T-S-E, they're called bras." "Yah," he cheesed, "I'm going to where one of those when I'm an adult." "No you're not. Boys don't wear those." (I didn't tell him that some fat boys do, some things he doesn't need to know @ 5.

"Well, I am," he said.

Well, no bud.....you R NOT! Only gender-confused and cross-dressing men do and I will make sure that you are NEITHER! But doesn't he look dang hot?!? He looks like he likes it a little TOOOOO much!

Back to the messy room. I acheived my goal and here is the proof!

So why did I post my messy room? Just to be honest, that my life is not perfect. Sometimes life is a shitty mess and you just have to dig in and clean it up!! Read my previous post to find out more about the messes in my life.


DWJSDating? said...

You are a brave woman to post pics of your BR - I would not! I love the hardwoods.

CameraDawktor said...

Just don't want anyone thinking I have it all together when I don't!

teehee, did you get a good laugh at me?

DWJSDating? said...

Yes, I did. Laughs, in any way shape or form, are very welcome at this time.

I opened the camera box and the battery is charging . . . the anticipation might wait me up in the middle of the night to play with it - hehehe!

alison koh said...

wow! great transformation! yay! :)

spicehut said...

Thats a neat cleanup...how long does it stay that way :). My uncle's got 3 young kids & its no use tidying up. It must be full time work.

I meant to ask...you're a stay at home mom, do you think your kids are happier because of that ? Since most women work in USA & kids are in day care...how does this work for you, is there a difference between both sets of kids..between the family life ?

Doug Bagley said...

ROFL! Reminds me of the time when my youngest put on my ex's bra. I gave him two footballs to put in them--pissed off the ex. She claimed it stretched it way out of shape.

CameraDawktor said...

These are still very well in shape, they are nicely formed on their own so we didn't need to stuff them with anything. He seems to be enjoying this too much, don't you think?! teehee

Adelaide Dupont said...

He can enjoy this as much as he wants, as far as I'm concerned.

Lots of kids try out different roles. It is part of what I understand to be normal development.