What else is new in Dawktorville? Well, Mr T came over for dinner last night w/ his kiddos. EJ (his son) and IJ (his daughter) have so much fun with my kids. They just love each other!

Mr. T is a carpenter and he helped Papa D install our new bathroom cabinets. In return, we fed him Baked BBQ'd chicken, homemade fries, homemade bread, raw veggies&dip, and Ghirardelli Brownies.

Mr. T's computer is kaputz so I downloaded 102 of his pictures and edited them right on the spot. I told him the fee for my services would be to allow me to post my favorites here.

Mr. T's pictures from Mt. Hood where they downhill and cross-country skied over President's Day weekend.

Princess Kitty & crown for a Valentine's Day Portrait! Is she pregnant?

Mr. T in his woodworking shop making frames for a custom deck he is building a client. The white PVC pipe is part of the ductwork he built to suck all the sawdust out of his shop.

IJ and friends out for a day at the Loyd Center Mall for ice skating. The beautiful matching scarves were made by Meyers D. Isn't she crafty and fashionable? She also makes custom matching hats, feel free to e-mail me if you would like to order one, but remember, they are made by a 9year-old so part of their character is their imperfections!!


DWJSDating? said...

Hey CD - Thanks for visiting my family blog! I have a lot of fun taking pictures and love posting them with stories for our family & friends to read. Looks like you enjoy it, too!

I'll email you the link to my personal blog - that's were you can see the true me that is not always sugarcoated for the audience!

DWJSDating? said...

Oh, I forgot - I love your blog title. There have been many times in my life when I forgot that. When trouble, stress, and everyday life takes over, it is hard to remember that it will pass (and we can often facilitate the process being faster)!

alison koh said...

great pics! the girls are just so sweet, so is princess kitty and err... mr snowman. :)

how's the kitchen coming along?