BTF Friday: Remembering Meyers D's Entrance into My World!

I have to be honest, it doesn't seem like Meyers D came into my life only yesterday....rather, it feels more like she's been a part of it forever. On Monday it will be ten years since she entered our world.

I had a long labor with her. About 22 hours. I won't bore you with all the details. What I will tell you is that after going 24 hrs. with your water broke, the baby can asperate too much of the amniotic fluid and have complications. That's what happened to Meyers. This is nothing that causes permanent damage, just enough problems to require lots of extra care and stress on the new parents.

After being awake for almost 30 hours, and being at the hospital by myself, I went and checked on her in the infant nursery. After spending the first few hours with her after she was born and having such a difficult time, I had went back to my room by myself to try and get a little sleep.
I had only been away from her for 3 hours when I went to go get her and bring her to my room.

The nurse in attendance stopped me at the door. "We don't know what's wrong with her (and) the pediatrician has ordered formula feedings only until we know what's wrong with her," she said. You know, looking back on it I should have filed a complaint with the head nurse right then and there. But I was a first time Mom, didn't know procedures and too stunned by what she had just said to do anything but FREAK OUT!!

Immediately I began thinking....is she going to die? were her guts on the outside? no, I held her and she looked normal......

What is a sleep deprived/hormonal wreck of a Mom supposed to do with that kind of information, let alone be standing there by herself when she receives it????

After all was said and done, her temperature had dropped very low (so it was a good thing she was with them so they could see that) and they hooked her up to an i.v., put her under a warming lamp and began to watch her for signs of an infection caused by the amniotic fluid.

At the time I didn't know it, but I would later experience worse problems when having a newborn. However, I was quite devestated and stressed out by her having to stay at the hospital one day longer than me, and quite worried that she wouldn't nurse well because they had given her a bottle. It turned out that she would take both just fine.

When we were finally able to take her home it was just a beautiful Spring day. As we stepped outisde of the hospital with her I could smell all the Spring flowers and tree blossoms in the air. I was truly convinced that the earth had decided to explode with beauty right there on that day to welcome her into the world. Even the hyacinth outside our front door bloomed before we brought her across the threshold of our door!

The first night we had her home she slept from midnight to five a.m. without waking up for a feeding. (For those of you who don't know that 's considered sleeping through the night.) What surprised me was that I slept better having her home than I had at the end of my pregnancy, waking up every couple of hours to go pee!!

Meyers D is just a very special girl, and I found myself thinking for those first few months she was with us, what an honor it was to have her in our lives. I kept thinking, my life is too perfect, I am too happy, when is the bottom going to fall out of all this wonderfulness!!

Thank You God for blessing us with Myah. Thank You that you chose her to be our daughter. Thank You friends for listening to me gush about my girl!!


AL's Family Blog said...

I'm sure it was a stressful time for you. Thankfully, everything turned out good. You look so cute in those pics :)

NICK said...

Cool story, very cool.