Guilt & Games...But not Necessarily in that Order

I'm only 3 hrs. into my day and I've managed to lose twice! First off, I was sleepin' and dreamin' and T-Sam-E cuddles up to me and wakes me up. Not a bad way to start the day. I was enjoying the snuggles and Papa D comes in and says that Max-Ay was in the shower. Well its 6:22 a.m. and he's headed out the door to work. I knew that could only mean one thing: get your ass out of bed and make sure he doesn't need any help!

So I lay there a few more min.'s and shuffle downstairs, still half asleep. I ask Max-Ay if he needs any help and he says he doesn't have any shampoo (it's upstairs in our bathroom that's being remodeled). I grumble to myself, that it would have been nice if Papa D got him his shampoo before he decided to shower him at 6:22 a.m., and I sure as heck don't want to go back up there and get it. So I tell Max-Ay to use Papa D's shampoo and keep in mind that this is not a No-Tears product.

Soon I hear thunk, thunk, thunk in the shower and I grumble (out loud this time), "What are you DOIN' ?"

He says, "The soap won't stay put, it's slippery."

I say, "Don't worry about it, just shampoo your hair."

Next I hear a thunk, thunk again...."Max-Ay what are you DOIN'? Just shampoo your hair and get out." Now I'm really just thinking about myself now, that I'm not even feeling awake and would much rather be back in bed.

Papa D charges in and to make a long story short, tells me to talk nicer and why did I have to be that way and just get back upstairs.

"Ow, OW-OOOWWWW!" Max-Ay hollers. The kid's just not used to using adult hair products and smears the cologne scented goo into his eyes.

One hour and one phone call later, Papa D says he's sorry for barkin' at me this morning. But on the same hand, I really shouldn't be so grumbly with the children. It's not nice...he's right. And no, he didn't really expect me to help Max-Ay with his shower, he was just letting me know that he was in there. That's how it is with me, you know, I just assume negative things in my head and things go from bad to worse. I should have just stayed in bed with my grumbly old self....but I'm a mom, and there was a shower to tend to. So that was my first strike of the mornin'.

Strike Two: T-Sam-E is quite the player. He and I play a couple of games each day. Usually it's Skip-Bo. He learned that about a month ago. Today, however, he wanted to play Zigity. It's a card game by Cranium. You have to know how to spell words to play, and he's not able to do that too well yet. So I have to help him, but it's a fun game. Cranium has really come up with some unique stuff.

Well, we played twice and he won twice. So I really am quite the loser today!!

I don't mind, I'm just teasing about it. It's fun to watch your kids win and act like your all disappointed about it. Why not boost their little egos a little bit, you know? When I asked him if he was braggin' about his win he remarked that I had bragged yesterday when I won....you know he really is just too smart!

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