Abandoned Toy Series on Flickr

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My buddy and photo judge ptheclown www.ptheclown.com had a cell phone chit-chat with me last night. He totally loved my 3 army men photo on flickr and wants a print.

When he saw that photo he realized that I had finally attained Zwasco's highest level of creative development: the ability to see art in the everyday.

I agreed with him. I have learned well from my Master.

After I got home from another night of baseball, I spotted this as I was walking up the stairs. It's probably been there since Easter, and my discerning eyes only just discovered it.

I had to wait until this morning to photograph it, and a new flickr set was created.

Once again, the children have inspired me. Please click the link to see the entire set that this belongs to.

And, all you mothers and fathers, be on the lookout for tiny bursts of creative inspiration found in the most everyday of objects!


Jana said...

Which is scarier - that the toy has been there that long, or that I know exactly what it is?

LZ Blogger said...

Mary Ann ~ Very creative work here. What's next... the movie? ~ jb///