The Letter Game: Brought to you by the letter "W"

Got a challenge from Mama the other day @ www.DWJSDating.blogspot.com She saw this very cool game over @ Fantastagirl's and I decided I wanted to play too. Mama gave me the letter "W" for Washington, cause duh, that's where I live. Let me know if you want to play too and I'll give you a letter.

Here goes:

1) WHACKO--- A derogatory term I use when someone's behavior is annoying me. Such as, "(insert son's name here) is acting like a whacko!" My hubby doesn't like it when I say this. But Mama always said that the truth always hurts.

2) WHINE-O---A derogatory term I use on my kids when I can't understand what they're saying because of all the crying, complaining and whinning. Such as, "(insert youngest son's name here), quit being a whine-o."

3) WEIRDO---A derogatory term I use when whacko and whine-o don't apply. Geesh, I'm realizing that I can tend to be pretty negative here!

4) WINDOW---windows, I love them. I believe a house can never have too many windows. And I hate curtains and blinds, because I like to pretend that the outside is just an extension of my house....or am I an exhibitionist, I'm really not sure........

Anyway, I have 12 ft. french doors in my living room and an 8ft. picture window in my dining room. That was the biggest selling point on this house for me when we got it 4 years ago.

5) WWW---The world wide web is my new best friend. I have a lot of friends but really no "girlfriends" anymore. Maybe I ran them all off, I don't know....back to the subject....I am proud to say that my hubbo has finally moved up to his rightful spot as my best friend, so that is a good thing, the way it should be. HOWEVER, every gal needs some girlfriend so until I get some more in "real life" I have coffee, laugh, talk with my new best friend, the www.

6) WHISPER---something I ask my kids to do way too often because of migraines.

7) WASHER---I love my Maytag Neptun washing machine because it saves me big bucks on the water bill and the clothes are 3/4 dry when they come out. I also love the stainless steel-front Frigidaire dishWASHER my hubbo bought for me when we moved into this house. LOVE STAINLESS STEEL!!!!!

8) WEEKEND---Every weekend is a 3-day weekend for me 'cause the hubbo works 4 10's and gets Monday's off, so that's cool!

9) WHATEVER---when I say this, it doesn't mean like whatever you want dear or whatever you need....it means: I DON'T AGREE WITH YOU AND I AM NOW BLOWING YOU OFF!!!

10) WEDDING---On June 3rd our "old" babysitter is getting married and I'm the photographer. I am a wedding photographer virgin so wish me luck!

Also, my 15th wedding anniversary is on June 15th. Yay! We have survived each other through some real tough S&*! and love each other more than when we were infatuated and engaged. I think realizing that someone loves you in spite of yourself, through thick & thin, unconditionally, makes the deepest, hottest, sweetest kind of love. OK, I'll quite preachin'! Ha!

Weddings are great - if you are marrying the right person!

So thanks www.dwjsdating.blogspot.com and Fantastagirl, that was a superfun little whoopdidoo, game, whatchamathingy.


Gracie said...

How cool. I've spent a lot of time in WA. :) Love it up there.

Good luck with the wedding photos.

Suzanne R said...

I was assigned "R" when I did this -- I like your "W" answers. Congrats on the 15th anniversary coming up -- will you be doing anything special to celebrate? Also on the wedding photos you are going to be taking. Exciting stuff!

TJ said...

What a great entry! Nice to meet you!
I too am an absolute photo render and edit nut!!! Can't hardly stand a normal photo short...
Good to see your journal and nice family.

CameraDawktor said...

Yes, Washington IS beautiful, probably because we get so much rain!

Suzanne R-
I'll have to try to find your letter R post. Thanks for the well wishes!

Maybe tomorrow I'll have some more time to check out your pics!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll come back, its always great to have new people around here!

Grandma Jacki said...

First wedding shoot. Congrats & if you take pics there like the ones you post on your site then you are so good to go. Knock em dead.
Oh, Congrats on 15 years to you & Papa D

Lawanda said...

Hey can I do the game, please? (Although it may take me a few days, if that is ok...)

Good luck on the wedding photos! I know they will love your pics!!!!

Congrats on your anniversary! Mine is coming up too :) :) :)