Old Family Photo Mosaic

Old Family Photo Mosaic
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Happy Mother's Day!

I'm getting ready to have my parents and brother's family over for a BBQ today. Been working on a little slide show of the old family photos.

click on this picture and view the set of Old Family Photos as a slideshow.

I always enjoyed watching the family photo slideshow when I was a kid....travel down memory lane with us, it won't take too much time!

It is a beautiful, sunny, warm day here, rare for Spring in the PNW. Hope you are all enjoying yours.


Gracie said...

Grrrreat photos!
I used to have one of those knitted ponchos! Mine was red, white, and blue and was made by a old German lady in honor of the upcoming Bicentennial celebration!
Ohhh the memories! I love old pics!

Hope you enjoyed your day with family :)

Merle said...

Hi CameraDawktor ~~ Lovely photo collection. Thanks for your comment and
I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day also.
I'm glad you say Brekkie too.
It is nice to meet someone new, welcome.
Cheers, Merle.

Donnak said...

Loved the photos! Did you have fun yesterday? - Other than that whole WASTE OF TIME last Survivor! I was so mad! If they REALLY voted for who 'outwit, outlast, outplay' all the others it should have been Terry! But we already know that, huh? Goes to show they were a bunch of mindnumbing idiots! I was not happy!! But I pretty much knew when Terry lost that challenge with the puzzles.

alison koh said...

oohhh... pretty pretty pretty pics! sweeeet! :)

CameraDawktor said...

Donna K-
Me too! Poor Terry!