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This player was spotted taking a brief catnap during his team's turn on the field. For a photo series of him click the link or the picture.

Baseball was great last night, and my new little pal Easton was playing her cousin again. I got a couple cutie-pie pictures of her.

Tonight its back to the ballpark again. I already told my kids that we're eating hamburgers there tonight. We do that at least once-a-week. The concession stand makes the BEST hamburgers, with sauce and everything. We love it. Always got to look forward to baseball season and a ballpark hamburger.

Saturday we have two games, so between now and Sunday I will squeeze in a little housework so we can do some Mother's Day BBQ/Partying here @ the CameraDawktor's house.

Yes, yes....don't even ask! Of course I'll take pictures of that!

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Grandma Jacki said...

Great pics, as always.