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My kids had the day off of school today. They had planned an extra day of school in case we missed one for snow, and we had no snow days this year.

So they got today off.

My daughter checked out a book at her school library about different painting techniques to do at home and wanted to do it Saturday morning. As you can see from what I posted, Saturday was a hugely busy day.

To appease her, I told her to get all the supplies ready and they could do it Monday.

So this picture is proof that I was good to my word. Click the link or the photo to see their wonderful creations. One was even special just for me! Yay!


mysouth said...

such a great mama!! love your pics!

Jana said...

Their paintings are so cute! I hate getting out the paints because of the mess. Plus, I can just imagine what my 17 month old would do with paint! Looks like your kids had a fun day!

CameraDawktor said...

Thanks! Nice to hear from you!

thanks! I hate the paints too, but the kids can now clean up after themselves. And, they did it outside and put their play clothes on first. They did such a good job picking up that I said I'd wash up the supplies. The rest of the photos are here: http://flickr.com/photos/cameradawktor/sets/72057594129566289/

It's so great when they can clean up after themselves!!!

Writer Mom said...

Looking forward to that day, when I can say, "Clean it up!" and come back to a clean scene.
Sigh. Not quite there yet.
What a great idea!
Haven't looked at the pictures yet. I expect I'll leave comments over there.
Dropping in to say hi! Been busy around here, but busy is better than too much time to think. :)

Grandma Jacki said...

Great pics - wonderful kids. Loved the computer paper.