BTFF: My first car!

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It's been a while since I've posted a back to the future friday picture or two, so today I did some more editing in the archives and found this.

What a treasure!

My Dad bought me this little motorized bumper car when I was about 2. I've posted before about the sickle blood in my family, and as I was too young for a sickle yet, my Dad bought me this motorized contraption instead!

Now how does this apply to the future? Or now? Well, I developed a love for the wind in my hair, and speed. I was quite disappointed when they enacted the helmet law. I thought it was a crime!

Also, the sickle legacy goes on.....my brother just left this morning for his 3rd race in the Motorcross Racing circuit by Worcs. (www.worcsracing.com) Last time he took 3rd in his 30+ open class division.

His lovely bride let him go riding on Mother's Day and some guy hit him coming in the opposite direction, on a wooded dirt track. It was a blind corner. He flew ten feet and the other guy landed in a vine maple. He had to put well over $300 into repairs before he could race this weekend, and that was with a $180 friend's and family discount given him by his fellow racing buddy and owner of a local sickle shop.

So how do ya like my first car?

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