My Day with Max-Ay

So my day didn't really start off all that great. My brother-in-law called at 7:15 in the morning to talk "property" business with my hubby. I just did not want to get out of bed and laid there for about 15 min. When I finally got up I had to give him a glare, no...actually I punched my hand, meaning, somebody's gonna pay for this. I proceeded to make my husband suffer for about a 1/2 hour as I moped around and was generally grouchy. Sometimes I can zone out while I wake up by checking my e-mail, your blogs and my flickr activity but the kids were taking advantage of being up earlier than me and were playing an educational game on the computer.

I had to read the paper....I must confess, haven't done that in a while!!

I began to cheer up slightly and the hubby took off to look @ some more property that he and his little brother's investment corp are going to purchase. With him out of the way I checked up on the computer and started to wake up a little.

Then the battle began. You see, Papa D was going to miss Max-Ay's baseball game to see his nephew play in a State Championship Select Soccer Tournament. We gave our son the option of missing his game and going or playing and staying home with mom. He chose to stay home, but then his attitude went from bad to worse. He started harping on his little brother, crying and just was completely melting down. I, of course, didn't handle this all too well, got in his face and even yelled at him (yes people, I am NOT perfect!). And finally sent him to lay down on his bed.

But quickly my mind realized that he could be sad that his Dad was missing his game, even though he hadn't said that. (So far Dad has only missed one of the boys' games, and that was TSE's last night because he was sick).

So I endured the wailing, laid down by him on his bed and asked the question: Are you sad because Dad's missing your game?

It took him awhile to realize it, but yes he was. I told him that if he expressed this to his Dad, that he may change his mind. But, that I was really looking forward to spending the day just with him, that I love watching his games and that we could do something fun just me and him.

After we talked and hugged (no, it doesn't always go this smoothly) we came up with some ideas of how we wanted to spend our day and he was fine with his Dad not attending.

The three happy campers took off for an hour and a half's drive and Max-Ay and I began our day.

First, we went to Starbuck's in the store (I got a 1/2 caff latte and he a kids hot cocoa), I looked for some Converse but they didn't have my size, we bought a baby shower gift for my neice and seeds to spit in the dugout for his game. We were getting off to a good start!

We went to the game, I was digital camera-less and only took 9 pictures with my 35mm. So I enjoyed the game and handed out fliers telling the parents how they could access their kids' photos on my fickr page. Max-Ay got one hit and did a great job @ catcher.

After the game we came home and I ordered some recently edited prints online from Wal-Mart 1 hr. photo, we went to Hollywood video to rent Nanny McPhee but its not released yet (we got Flubber) and went to Wal-Mart to pick up the pictures. We also got my Mom's mother's day present. She wanted plants and a watering can. HEY - I can afford that!

I decided that I really didn't feel like cooking dinner so we went through McD's drive-thru and he got a McKids meal and I got my favorite Big & Tastey Meal and we went home and ate outside.

Then we watched the movie together, ate M&M's and laughed. Afterwards it was his idea to color and we made each other pictures.

We played a Lewis and Clarke board game, Uno and Ziggity. He rubbed my back and said we just didn't have enough time to play together. Now ain't that sweet? Such fun, I got to ask him a lot of questions about his friends and school. His favorite is still library and he doesn't want Janelle to be his Valentine anymore.

It was a great day, and its always so fun to just have some one-on-one time with the bigger ones who are gone at school all day.

Here are some photos of Max-Ay working on getting his tooth out the other day. The dentist will have to pull it on Monday, his big tooth is far behind it and it is still really stuck in there. We even tried Ambesol so he could wiggle it, but didn't make a lot of progress. He had fun with his mouth being numb though!

Hope you all had a great Saturday!


Donnak said...

How sweet that you got to spend some one-on-one time with Max-Ay! I agree, it is nice to be able to spend time alone when they are gone so much of the time. That is one reason I will sit up half the night waiting for Ashlea to get home from work! LOL

Glad you two had a great day! :)

LZ Blogger said...

Wasn't it John Denver who sang, "Some Days Are Diamonds... Some Days Are Stone"? ~ jb///

alison koh said...

wow! cool photos of max-ay

DWJSDating? said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day :)

Lawanda said...

Awww what a fantastic day you had together! I love days like that :)

We are anxiously awaiting Nanny mcPhee, too. We saw it at the theater and loved it to death :)

Writer Mom said...

Nanny McPhee is gonna have to go on the list, I guess.

Thanks for sharing your day in the life. Some days I can tell I'm in 'over protective' mode.
I took your advice tonight at the baseball game and tried to just be relaxed. It worked. I think I'll blog about it.
Your son is gorgeous, by the way.
This was really sweet. Glad you got alone time. I'm sure the other two had a ball hanging with DAd, too.

CameraDawktor said...

Writer Mom-
Good for you! I'm going to have to get over to your bloggie and check it out!