My Beloved Monster & Me: Blast from the past

Hey, check it out:

One of my favorite blogs to read is by Rob who writes about his daughter Schuyler that is able to hear but unable to speak (long story).

Anyway, his love for her is astounding, she's cuter than snot and just a brilliant child.

Today I stumble on over and he has a video link of her from when she's two and a half. Wonderful!

So I'd like to introduce you to him and his blog, please go check him out: My Beloved Monster & Me: Blast from the past and watch this video.....http://www.darn-tootin.com/2002.mov

You won't be sorry for making this guy one of your daily reads.


Cheeky said...

Thanks for sharing...

Rob said...

Thanks for the link, and also for the very kind words.

CameraDawktor said...

You're welcome, I hope you took the time to go over and visit.

No problem man, the kind words come easily towards you, as they should! I hope you get a little more traffic from this, although that's not why I linked. I linked because Schuyler is a special and beautiful young lady!