My favorite photo of my Mom

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I'd like to wow you with some black and white photo of my Mom that is very hip and very cool, it seems like I have lots of good pictures of her. But she doesn't really smile. At least, smile and show her teeth.

Maybe its because she had lots of tooth problems as a kid, I just don't know, but trust me, my favorite photo will be when I can actually see her pearly whites in a photo.

I try to not bug her about this, but it is really hard sometimes.....

Anyway, this is my favorite pic of my Mom. You have to appreciate the history around the picture to enjoy its specialness.

This was taken this past December, in my Grandparents' house in Arizona. Thanks to a benevolent benefactor, I was able to go to my Grammies' funeral service. On this trip, I think I stayed about 5 days, 1 day before the funeral and a few after. My Grandma's closet is at the back of the picture, and my Eskimo/Hawaiin cousin Robbie, her Italian/Eskimo Mom (my auntie), my mother and I were all in the bedroom, going through her clothes.

It seemed soon to do all this, but we were prepared for her passing for about 2 months, and my Grandfather is the type that wants things done yesterday, and he sure didn't want to do it.

Also, we were sure that all of us could use some of her things and the others would be donated to her fabulous church (yes, it is also WriterMom's Grandma's fabulous church!).

She had some old belts, handkerchiefs, fashionable/unfashionable jewelry, sports bras, socks, you name it. Well, some of it we thought....what the heck?! This was a lady that mainly cataloge shopped Lands End and Eddie Bauer. We girls were really teeheeing and laughing it up. You know, even though we were sad, and missing her, it still felt so good to giggle and say "what the ?!?" We would talk about her like she was still in the next room......

And then she did it.

My Mom put on some of this crazy stuff, found my Grandpa's cane and started striking a pose. I thought we were all going pee our pants. "Hold on," I said, "I've got to get a picture of this." She went out to the living room to show my Grandpopples her crazy attire and he looked at all of us like we were CRAZY. I'm sure we were, but we sure enjoyed the moment.

I love the expression on my Mom's face. She's trying to hold her laugh in because when she laughs really hard she starts crying. It's hillarious! And, if you look into her eyes, really look, you can see that although she is extremely happy, that she is also just as tired and sad.

Both of her parents are gone now. The Grandpa is her step-dad because her dad died when she was 19. Now her Mom's gone too and she got to take care of her the last 2 months of her life, but it was hard. REAL hard.

So there you have it. My favorite photo of my Mom.

Happy Mother's Day! If not to you, then the Mother who gave you life!!

Between now and Thursday, feel free to post your favorite photo of your Mom. As long as you took it, you can even scan it and upload it that way. It doesn't have to be recent. Also, if your kids have ever taken one of you that they like, upload that and enter it for them. Over the next few days I will probably be posting one by TSE and Meyers D.

But I don't count....only you do. So play, have fun and let's see those favorite pics....I know you've got'em!


Grandma Jacki said...

Happy Mother's Day CD. I can see the tired & sad in your Mom's eyes but, hey, sometimes it's good to laugh to help us through the sad.

Donnak said...

That is just precious! What a beautiful story for a beautiful lady. Thank you for sharing with us!! Hugs!

Jana said...

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have a great day!

Abby said...

Thanks for sharing that! Lovely story.