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I read this meme/thingamajiggy/whatchamadoodle over @ www.mama4joy.blogspot.com (Lawanda's Lovin' Life)

So thought I'd play to, here goes:

I AM: a survivor
I WANT: to have a life without chronic headaches
I HATE: weather over 95 degrees
I MISS: having the spare time to lay out in the sun and tan
I FEAR: having horrible migraines in Thailand
I HEAR: TSE playing with Meyer D's new Fly Pen
I WONDER: if my children will have to go to therapy because of me
I REGRET: not talking to my friend about our problems before things got so bad that we lost our friendship
I AM NOT: good at lying
I DANCE: not as well as Max-Ay
I SING: when I've sniffed too much marine paint, then I make up crazy-ass songs!
I CRY: when my feelings get hurt or I have too much pain
I AM NOT ALWAYS: a friend that knows how to handle the rough times or how to forgive when I've been lied to
I WRITE: on this blog and that's about it!
I CONFUSE: people when I seem so outgoing and then don't want to leave my house for a week
I NEED: a new CPU so I can burn discs and run my Adobe DVD-making program
I SHOULD: clean my laundry room
I START: watching what I eat and then tire of it
I FINISH: most of my sentences with a rhetorical !? or ?!

Let me know if you play too.


spicehut said...

Thats a interesting game....

And the fridge reminds me that I have to clean my fridge too !

Hope you are doing fine, no migranes etc.

CameraDawktor said...

thanks for the well wishes, its good to hear from you. today is a great day, I just take it day by day and yesterday I started some new medicine so I'm just praying it goes well, and if it doesn't, then step 2!

Suzanne R said...

Very interesting meme, and I will be doing it! I will post it either tonight or tomorrow, depending on when I have the most ambition. :-) I enjoyed learning more about you through your answers.

CameraDawktor said...

Thanks Suzanne R!

Gracie said...

The pic is great! LOL

Oh, in response to your list...
I don't have to sniff marine paint to make up crazy-ass songs--I just do it driving down the road, and I'm afraid my children will need therapy because of THAT!

We have a lot of laughs though ;)

Oh, about the Flickr thing. I'll have to check into it. I know your instructions seemed simple, but since I have no idea what all it entails, I just got overwhelmed. LOL I'll look into it though, when I get home. :)
Thanks a bunch!