Baseball Photos from Tuesday Night

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Holy Cow! I think I've edited enough baseball photos to earn me a spot in the little league heaven/Hall of Fame!

Why am I taking so stinkin' many baseball photos?

Good question. 1)I can't stop clicking the button on my camera.

2)these kids are so darn cute!

3) Well, I really wanted the other parents to be able to download their kids' pictures and print them up if they like.

So now, my flickr page is LOADED with baseball pics....people over there probably think I'm a freak now.

Hope you all are not getting too sick of it! Only one more month and then it will be back to life as usual.

Hang in with me there PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!


alison koh said...

whoa! that cody kid looks like an "agent" or something, spying on the game to see if anyone acting "fishy"hahahha..cool!

Dave said...

Hey i found a few things out about the camera that you might wanna know. If you set your shutter speed to about 1000 or 500 and then set your film speed to 400 you can stop your kids in action with no blurring at all. Pic's are lookin great, btw.

CameraDawktor said...

Thanks Man! I have shot all the latest action shots in the Scene mode selecting sports. Have found a lot of luck there, wouldn't say its perfect, but pretty good!

I finally got a manual in the mail so will have to see about how to set shutter speed. I know how to set the ISO, so will just have to figure out the other part.

My little guy has a game tomorrow night so I can test this setting out. Thanks!

DWJSDating? said...

CD you have been taking some beautiful shots with the new camera. I hope to have more time to take pictures of my own soon . . . summer can't get here soon enough!

Here is an idea for this month's competition, since May has Mother's Day:
Your favorite shot of your Mother (of course, taken by the person submitting it).

CameraDawktor said...

You're brilliant!