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After the Baby Shower on Sunday we went to my Phillipino Family's House to hang-out. My men-folk were already there.

They like to "hang" a lot and the Pied Piper is so great with my boys. He even came home with us to spend the night.

It was great because I had to take my two guys to the dentist today and their appt.'s were 30 min. apart. The pied piper played cards and hung out with each kid as the other got worked on in the dentist's chair. He's a great kid and a great helper.

Anyway, back to this picture...Meyers D took it of me because I had so much freakin' sauce on my face! click the link or the picture to see more rib-eatin' photos.


Gary Wood said...

The best tasting food is always the messiest! Its settled today ribs for lunch.

Writer Mom said...

Great shot, Meyers D!!

(You're one saucey lady!)

Lawanda said...

LOL that is hilarious! Good pic :)