BTFF: Camping and Riding Bikes

Me Learning to Ride A Bike
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Well, it's Friday folks so I've got to go back to the past. I was always, still am....little! I can't believe they made a bike small enough for me. I think I learned when I was four.

I was five here and this is @ Ike Kinswa in Washington State near Lake Mayfield. This was pretty much my parent's favorite place to take us camping, especially after Mt. St. Helen's blew up and ruined our favorite spot near Spirit Lake!

I always loved camping, being outside, making Jiffy Pop, eating those tiny boxes of cereal that come in a pack (my mom never bought that sugary stuff otherwise) and having my Dad's attention. See, my Dad is a hard-worker and his only let-down time seemed to be when he went camping.

We also had a little fiberglass fishing boat that we'd fish from on Silver Lake and up @ Spirit Lake before Mt. St. Helen's blew. I remember it being 5 a.m., the sun barely up and that big gorgeous mountain in the background, picking huckleberries and then WHAMO, big blow-up volcano style, no more trips to camp @ the Mt.!!!!!!!

So we are going camping tomorrow and I'll take a picture like this of TSE as he is learning to ride a bike now. The past is never very far away from us!


Donnak said...

awww that's a sweet memory!

Well, the last day of school was yesterday (YEA) and Ashlea is officially a senior (DOUBLE YEA) lol.

As for the scrapbooking software I got, it's: Scrapbook Factory Deluxe. I hope to get to finally start using it more now that school is out and I'm getting in a better routine.

Have a great weekend camping!

Gracie said...

We're off for the weekend too. :)

Have a GREAT time. Hope the weather holds out for ya!

Suzanne R said...

Such a cute picture of you! Hope you are having a great weekend. BTW, I have tagged you for a meme, when you get back. It's on my blog on Saturday, 5/27. I would love it if you could play!

LZ Blogger said...

Looks like you have it ALL under control! ~ jb///