TSE now stands for "The Stalking Executioner"

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Wow we've been having some fun around here. TSE (a.k.a. the stalking executioner) started off yesterday morning building a trap to catch squirrels. He stalked it with Frito Lay chip product, that was supposedly used successfully in a prior squirrel trapping experience. He also used 8 previously discarded by squirrel's Hazelnuts and a few sunflower seeds. All of this was his idea. And the thoughts just keep getting more profound and clever.

Then we were off to the garage to find a rope, and of course, that needed duct tape to secure it to the plastic trap.

Lots of fun and hours was spent yesterday with the squirrel trap.

Then this morning about 9 a.m. he disappeared outside for close to an hour. I guessed that he was tending that squirrel trap, but instead, he had built a bird trap.

Now he's upped the ante, and trying to catch a squirrel and a bird.

"What are you going to do with the squirrell if you catch it?" I asked him.

"I dunnow," he replied. Then moments later he said, "Well, either keep it as a pet or eat it..."

Hmmm.....I thought.

Today its been decided. Even though our neighbor the squirrell shooting nut protector would be disappointed in its life being spared, TSE thinks Herb should pay him $30 for catching a squirrel even though he's going to keep it as a pet. Interesting.....

So as the good mother I am I pray that mother's prayer: "Lord, please bless my son and knock his socks off, let him trap a squirrel....."

Even though I know that this means I'm going to have to find a cage.

So the husband calls at lunch and I whisper to him that he's interrupted our operation. I inform him that we are now trapping birds too, and explain that birdseed has been found, a good plastic box and sticks to cover the lid.

"What is he going to do if he catches one" he chuckles.

"Well, maybe its because I told him that bird would probably taste like chicken, but we're eating the bird and he wants to keep the squirrel as a pet," I explained giggling.

"I'd discourage the squirrel capture" he said.

Even though I know he's right, I mean, how would we ever keep a pet squirrel, the mother and kid in me wants the thrill of a successful capture. I mean, my 5 year-old would like be on Cloud Nine.

Just in case you are interested in trying this @ home, here's TSE's recipe for trapping squirrel and birds:

1) 2 sturdy plastic containers
2) 1 long rope
3) 1 good hiding spot from which to pull rope to activate trap
4) 1 roll of Duct Tape for fastening traps together and attaching rope.
5)sunflower seeds
Frito Lay chips
6) sticks to cover bird trap
7) 1 plastic red ax for scarring off unwanted large birds like crows and hawks
8) 1 toy gun for scarring off unwanted birds
9) 1good quality sling shot for scarring off birds
10) 2 authentic Davey Crockett hats (one for you and one for your Mom) so that you'll blend in with nature...and shoot, Davey always caught stuff
11) ham sandwhich, cause a good hunter gets real tired if he doesn't fuel up
12) a smile, because your gonna need patience as it takes hours and days to catch critters
13) one good Mama because she'll need to stand gaurd while you go for supplies, take potty breaks and important stuff like that

If you've got any questions, just send me an e-mail and we'll pose the question to the little expert here.

Also, photos of every stage of this operation are @ flickr, so just click the picture or the link you see here.

Wish us luck!!


Gracie said...

Hooowwwww GROOVY! Sounds like y'all are having high adventures up there. :) You're making such awesome memories for him...enjoy every one!

Grandma Jacki said...

Looks like he has the patience of a saint (Mom too!) I loved the progression on flickr.

CameraDawktor said...

Yes indeed!

Grandma Jacki-
Yes he does, its incredible. When he was 3 1/2 my dad took him fishing. He sat for three hours without complaining and didn't catch a thing. My Dad didn't even have that much patience, he said it was amazing.