Argument or Flirtatious Debate?!

OK, so I'm having this argument with my husband.....well, its not really an argument, it's more like a smilling, verbal jabbing, me trying to manipulate, kind of cat and mouse game. Anyways, I just lined up a babysitter for the big 15th anniversary going out to eat (which, by the way, pissed off the first babysitter's dad I called who was slow in calling back).

I want to go here: http://www.skamania.com/about-skamania.php even though its over an hour's drive away, but good memories abound here as we've stayed the night here years ago, and the food is amazing.....gourmet!!!

But nooooooooo...................he doesn't want to drive that far and he has a gift certificate for Applebee's http://www.applebees.com/ . Just kidding, he wouldn't really take me there on such a special night!

So now I don't know where we're going, I tried to smooth talk him and use my charm, but I don't think its working!!!! His last words were that he's already made reservations to surprise me and he can't give it away (yes he's done this maybe once but he's bullsh$#^^ing me!

I have to confess I never got any housework done like I said I was going to, and now I have to move my A@@ tomorrow 'cause this new babysitter's coming over and I want her to want to come back sometime. So I've got to at least clean my bathrooms, vaccume, clean my wood floors and clean up my kitchen. If I'm a good girl and stay off the computer, this should be no problem. We'll just have to wait and see.......


Lawanda said...

hehehe I hope you get your way ;) (I bet you will! LOL)

Congrats again on #15!! *polite applause* :-p

Jana said...

My anniversary (our 14th) is the 20th. So far, I have not made any plans. That lodge looks REALLY nice. A little far for us to go, though, LOL!

LZ Blogger said...

I remember having a babysitter over one night, that I thought looked like she was going out on a date. I thought she was really trying to impress US, but the next day I found out from our sons, that she had her boyfriend come over later. (After our boys had gone to bed) So..... Good LUCK! And Happy 15th Anniversary! ~ jb///

CameraDawktor said...

haha, but I think he's going to surprise me and take me somewhere else, we will probably go to Portland, (Oregon).

congrats on your upcoming 14th! yeah, I think my 10th was the best, we'll see if this one can top it!

you are so funny! I was such a good babysitter, I only talked to my guys on the phone after the kids went to bed. This one is only 13 and she's bringing her little sister. I know kids start younger these days but I think we'll be safe.......this time! you are toooooo funny!