A Good Day

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This is one of my favorite pics from the wedding I shot two weekends ago. Believe it or not, this wasn't posed, they were just being silly.

Thanks everyone for putting up with my honesty yesterday. I'm feeling a lot better, still don't have a lot of energy but that's ok, I'm doing so much better. It's too soon for the lamictal to be working but usually you get a couple of days window that are pretty good, just have to be patient for it to start kicking in. I may tell you in a couple of weeks that it doesn't work at all, but so far so good. And, after I took the second Axert yesterday, it took a few hours but my headache went away and so far hasn't come back! Yeah, so today I have to begin the huge task of getting my house looking decent.

Today's a good day. It's raining buckets outside but I only have one place to go today. My nephew and neice are graduating this year and our usual with all the neices and nephews (there are almost 20 of them) is to give them $50 and a monogrammed Bible. Most of them probably don't own one, and its up to them if they read it or not, but at least they will have a nice one that's theirs someday if they choose to open it up. So I need to run down and pick two up.

Oh! TSE's behind me chanting: "The Pink Panther" in a French accent, over and over.

We watched that last night with the kids and it was pretty funny. A little dumb, but great for some good belly laughs which are always good for the soul. Max-Ay was laughing so hard, so many times. Papa D and I agreed that we hadn't heard him laugh quite like that in some time. It was fun just to listen to him. If you haven't seen this movie yet, its worth watching if you are in the mood for some laughs.

Tomorrow is my kids' last day of school and I am realizing that my time with TSE's winding down. Next year is Kindergarten for him and while he's more than ready and needs time with other kids, I'll miss him. He's quite the Ham-Bone!

I think I'd like to say it one more time, It's a Good Day!


Grandma Jacki said...

Great picture. Glad to hear you're feeling better (even though you have to do yucky housework).

Lawanda said...

I bet they totally loved all your pics. You are good :)

I am glad you are having a good day! And I know how you feel about the Kindergarter. I cried every day when Faithy went this last year. Prolly for a good two months. And I even had Raechel with me still! Silly me :-p

(I did read your post about the meds, but the drs told me I am ok. I am only on it for 9 days total. It is a free clinic, so they may have just been putting me off, but they told me to keep taking it...sooo....Thanks for the heads up though! I really am new at taking meds like on a regular basis at all...) And now I must apologise for the extra long post on your blog about ME! SORRY! SORRY!!

Tee said...

I tried to comment on your post this morning (Our Cabin), but blogger was being a butthead.

Anyway, I'm sorry you deal with migraines. I can't imagine. I've had only a handful in my life. I hope you find a successful way of treating them.

The cabin is beyond cute!

The wedding photo is fantastic! It looks make believe! Beautiful in every way. Good job!

CameraDawktor said...


Don't worry about it, I love your comment. That's good you are only on it for 9 days because they might have been putting you off a little bit, but at least you have a free clinic, that's nice!