miss petunia peach with angel kisses - Day 1

Meet my Great-Niece. Little Keilana Marie....a.k.a. Miss Petunia Peach. She entered this world on Sunday June 25, 2006 @ 7:14 pm. Her poor mommy was only in the hospital one hour and fourteen minutes when little miss petunia peach popped out! Whoof, almost a car delivery here.

She is 7lbs. even and 20 in. long. She makes my hubby's biggest sister a Grandma. And she wants to be called MiMi....we just don't know about that!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we had to take our son Max-Ay to an orthodontist appointment. He is only 7 years old but has a class 3 underbite. So he will have to have braces in two phases....yes, that means twice. So that should not only be expensive but INTERESTING!!!!!!!!

Anyway, Miss Petunia Peach was born in Vancouver, Washington and that's where Max-Ay's appointment was. So after hearing the bad news we went to see our precious Great-Niece and our popped out niece whose the new Mama.

Here's a couple more pics of our darling girl and a few more are up on flickr.
miss petunia peach (Day 1) our sleeping angel
Miss Petunia Peach's Baby Fingers     Day 1


Tee said...

I think I'm lovesick!

Beautiful baby! Congratulations, Aunty!

Lawanda said...

Awwwweee!!! Isnt she just precious and adorable in her little hat! What a sweet sweet baby. :)

Lawanda said...

Oh, and I wanted to call Raechel - MiMi! Her name is Raechel Naomi.

Nobody would let me though. :(

spicehut said...

Congratulations !

Miss Petunia is very cute.

CameraDawktor said...

Thanks Tee, Lawanda and Spicehut!

Lee said...

she's precious!

Donnak said...

What a precious sight! Congratulations on the new member of the family. :)

alison koh said...

OoOo... tiny tiny hand. cute. blowing soft kisses and tiny hugs to baby petunia. :)

Jana said...

She is so gorgeous! Aw, I want a little girl!!

CameraDawktor said...

Can't argue with you on that one. Girls are COMPLETELY different than boys.

Uzz said...

Excellent pics! I didn't get down this far the other day, but these are wonderful!!!