My Puzzle, My Mai Tai

My Puzzle, My Mai Tai
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This is a photo for SPF @ www.randomandodd.com My puzzle is juggling life around my headaches, the puzzle of what pill to take when, what to and what not to eat or drink.

This is my Office High Mai Thai I enjoyed last night on my 15th anniversary dinner.

Two of these drinks with only a piece of toast on my tummy led to one happy girl. Also, warnings on the pill bottle saying avoid alcohol probably are there for a reason! My new migraine med Lamictal is not a great combo with alcohol!

To put it mildly, I was pretty happy! I don't think he minded too much.......wink!*


Fleur De Lisa said...

Happy belated anniversary! Don't you hate it when the migraine meds exclude drinking! Bummer!
Happy SPF and thanks for stopping by mine earlier.

CameraDawktor said...

Well, if I would have stopped w/ one I might have been ok, but alcohol usually gives me a migraine anyway........

the way I look @ it is that its a good way to not become an alcoholic! I kina like my booze..........this keeps me away!