Marsha Marsha Marsha

Marsha Marsha Marsha
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This is one of my husband's older brother's Dave and his family. He's the one I was telling you about with the kidney stones.

He is doing a little better but not sure if he went back to work today. He passed a few and SURVIVED!

My nephew on the left is almost 19 and in the Air Force. He just finished Basic in San Antonio and is leaving today to go to London for two years, hence the photo shoot. He is learning to build bombs....I sure hope he's careful!

He's a very smart kid but wasn't into doing college yet, so he joined the Air Force. I can't wait to hear all his tales about exploring Europe. He's at such a great age to travel around like that!

To see the other photos I took of the family go here: http://flickr.com/photos/cameradawktor/sets/72157594172400328/

My husband mumbled Marsha Marsha Marsha when he saw this photo, and as a kid, his brothers and sisters (all 6 of them) loved watching the Brady Bunch. So that's what I thought I'd title this photo.

Today I am taking the kids to sign up for the summer reading program @ the public library. They love doing that and they can all read now, (well TSE...just a little bit!) This will keep their skills up over the summer. Max-Ay has made so much progress this year that we don't want him to lose his good reading skills.

Then, we are going to their elementary school to ride bikes, I will walk on their walking track, and we'll have a little picnic. Sounds like fun! And of course, I'll have some pictures of that too!


DWJSDating? said...

All the photos of this family on flickr are great. I will try to be better about reading more :)

Grandma Jacki said...

Love the title. You are so creative (in verse & pics)!

Writer Mom said...

Is Marsha the dog? She seems to get all of the attention.