What We Inherit

What We Inherit
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OK kids, there are a whole heck of a lot of pics here this week for SPF, but you're getting used to that right?

Please let me know if you played.......

Photo for SPF @ www.randomandodd.com


My Puzzle, what I've inherited.....the good and the bad. The bad is much harder to figure out than the good.

My Grandma, the young girl on the far right. Her sister, brothers, mother and father. Her father passed away shortly after this photo was taken. Minnesotta, 1930's.

We inherit family, love and sometimes a few things we wished we hadn't.........


~**Dawn**~ said...

i love that photo for best with the city outside behind him like that. that photo has some awesome perspective. almost like he rises above the rest for you. =)

thanks for stopping by my blog today. =) happy SPF!

Gracie said...

I love old photos. I'm thankful I inheirited several from my dad and my grandparents.

And that's a great shot of your guy. The way the clouds are illuminated by the sun make him look like he's got a halo! LOL

CameraDawktor said...

Oh my, I better not tell him that, he may get a complex! haha

enjoy your trip!

Suzanne R said...

Very nice SPF, CD! I wish I had included some family shots in mine because they are so integral to my life -- the good and the bad. You have expressed it so well. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

CameraDawktor said...

why thanks suzanne r! You always have such nice comments!