something odd #1

Originally uploaded by dogseat.
I found this photo from www.flickr.com/photos/dogseat/ and the next one as well.

Your job is to tell me a story about this photo.

I don't know what you would title it, but my name is:

Never wear white when having your baby on the street!

I'm sure you can come up with a better story......make it good people and leave it in the comment section, but try to keep it PG, my kids will read this someday! LOL!

Choose either this photo or the next one.


Susan said...

"I don't see anything coming out Maude" OK so that's lame but the best I can do...

Mama C said...

Amy realizes that she should not have eaten that second burrito on her trip to Mexico with Barb.

I forgot to say I played!

Shna said...

I don't care how old you are! If you don't stop this I will turn this vacation right around!

Cheeky said...

The caption: PUSH!!!!

Jennifer said...

Watch out bessie....I'm gonna blow a big one here!

Jennifer (not that great, but I gave it the college try)

I played

Charlotte in Pa said...

My caption: "You are wearing the hat and that is FINAL! Now STOP kicking me!"

Dave said...

This time, I get to be on top.

CameraDawktor said...

Dave- thanks for stopping by, you crack me up!