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Is this photo too dark? Can you see anything? Well, this is pretty much how it looked all last weekend.

LeRoy dug trenches all around our tents. Fortunately the soil was all sand and the rain drained well. It rained all night, every night we were there.

I had only trailer camped in the rain, so I had never seen entrenched tents before. I'm one of those nut jobs who has to urinate in the middle of the night, so I had to be REALLY careful in the dark, rain, slippery, wet, hole infested journey to the latrine! ha! At least I didn't trip!

One thing I'm extremely grateful for is waterproof tents. Tents are so much better than they used to and we stayed totally dry. I was shocked and thought we'd have to pack up early!


Grandma Jacki said...

Is that puddle by the tent where you had to "urinate"? lol! I'm glad you didn't trip - looks like you really had an obstical course to manuever in the dark.

CameraDawktor said...

Grandma Jacki-
Why yes it was, but I was hoping that no one would notice! You are tooooo funny!