The Best Man to Spend Your Life With

Photo for Stuff Portrait Friday @ www.randomandodd.com

My Best

I think the title speaks for itself!

Fancy restaraunt, beautiful night, romantic atmosphere, city view, fine food, true love.........it just doesn't get any better than this!

We had a great 15th anniversary dinner @ the Portland City Grill atop the 30th floor of the US Bankorp Tower.


Southern Fried Girl said...

OK, how friggin cute is HE?

Happy SPF!

gail said...

I love your old photo at the top.
good one for "best"!
thanks for stopping by.

Random and Odd said...

Oh hello mister handsome as hell!!

I hope you spend hundreds of years together! :)

CameraDawktor said...

Thanks Kristine, I'm a little partial to him!

Jana said...

You probably know this, but your hubby is gorgeous!

Happy SPF!

CameraDawktor said...

Like I told Kristine Jana, I'm a little partial to him!!!!!!

LynAnne said...

You are truly a lucky woman. Handsome guy, beautiful scenery - wow, what a great aniversary celebration!

I can't wait to read more of your blog - your photos are awesome!

Thanks for visiting my SPF photos! :)

CameraDawktor said...

Thanks LynAnne, I do hope you'll come back!