SPF: Colorful

Originally uploaded by cameradawktor.
Photo for SPF over @ www.randomandodd.com

Alright, I can never just stick with one photo for each category.

Deal with me people!

This is Bobby with his very colorful, Gatorade blue tongue. It matches his shirt and eyes!

I really love this pic.

Subject: colorful


Sheri & SuZan said...

LOL, great SPF. A lot of kids would agree with your dull and ya gotta love your colorful.

I played.

Fleur De Lisa said...

I love the blue tongue! That pic is priceless...It really captures the fun.
Great SPF and I played

Kami said...

Love how the tongue matches his shirt and eyes!!

Cheeky said...

OH I love this pic!

I played too