A LIttle Scream to Help Her Swing

Yesterday evening, after we ate our ice cream, Papa D and I took the kids to practice their golf swing.

I mean, shoot....when an American loses the US Open to an Aussie, people need to get it together and practice the game of golf much harder with their kids.....we just can't be lettin' that kind of stuff happen!


Ater watching his favorite, Phil Mickelson lose in the US Open this Father's Day, Daddy decided to take the kids out to practice their swings.

Today was a good day, got my kidney stone x-ray for my appointment on Friday, will be interesting to see how many are still there, hanging out and growing back together.

Speaking of stones, while I was getting my x-ray for my check up, my brother-in-law had to be taken to the emergency room for...............
drum roll please.................kidney stones!


So, he is at home, on drugs, trying to pass however many they said he had.....we will all wish him a speedy recovery!

For all the photos of Father's Day 2006, go here: http://flickr.com/photos/99125058@N00/170889945/


Lawanda said...

hehe I dont think Kevin was too thrilled about that either!

That is SUCH a cute pic! And it looks like fun :) Too bad I can never manage to even hit the ball when I am trying to drive it. LOL

Alex said...

: )

Tee said...

Cute pic! :)

I wish for a speedy recovery on the kidney stones. :(

alison koh said...

swing away mayers d!! make sure you don't hit anybody with that golf ball! ouch! hurts if it does! haha!

Marsha said...

My father has had recurrent kidney stones. I am keeping my fingers crossed Ihave not inherited this sort of genetic disposition.

CameraDawktor said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Yes, I hope you don't too, but as I told my nephew. There are worse things (hard to imagine!) but its not life threatening and you do ok once you are on morphine and or pain pills.

My Grandfather on my mother's side had them and an uncle on my dad's side. Since I am so young they think I have a genetic predisposition because I got so many so fast and they were quite big.

This latest news isn't so hot for my kiddos because now they have it on both sides of the family. Yikes!

But like I said, there are worse things!

Gracie said...

Both my brother and I have problems with kidney stones too! Neither one of our parents did, though. How interesting that you and your brother do also...
One more thing!

Hope you're feeling well...and didn't get sick with what your son had. :)

CameraDawktor said...

Gracie - Thanks, but its my husband's brother. My poor hubby, he just realized that both of his big brother's had kidney stones @ age 42. Now my hubby is bracing himself for 4 years from now.

That's what I mean about my kids having it on both sides of the family now. Yikes!

Suzanne R said...

Catching up after my trip to the beach -- you and your brother-in-law have kidney stones, ouch! I have been lucky and haven't had them, but Steve suffered from one in the early 1980's and had it flare up while in Seattle on a business trip. He called me from the hospital but didn't tell me which one, LOL!, he was in that much pain. Fortunately the motel desk clerk where he was staying helped track him down. He passed it later on without any problems. I will be hoping for a similar outcome for you and your brother-in-law! (Seems like the later post said he had done so but I can't quite remember now.)

Take care of yourself, CD!

CameraDawktor said...

Thanks suzanne r-
I haven't had any pain since the kidney stones since my shockwave lithotripsy on Halloween. My check up is tomorrow and I will find out what's going on. Like I said, I've been fine, but they are still there so I have to go for a check up.

So far, I think the brother in law passed a few and is fine...for now!

Yes, it is extremely painful and not surprised he didn't tell you where he was! That must have been hard for you...you get to a point where you can't speak because of the pain.

But that's what morphine is for, LOL!