Mean People Suck

Well, I guess crazies are everywhere, even here in nice little blogville. Not at this blog, yet, and God forbid....ever. You folks that come here are all real great and nice.

But some meanies almost shot down one of my most favorite blogs today. My Beloved Monster and Me (
www.belovedmonsterandme.blogspot.com) is written by a dude named....well, he might change his name today. Let's just call him Mr. Cool guy. Anyway, he had this to say in response to some mean people who wrote nasty comments: http://belovedmonsterandme.blogspot.com/2006/06/too-far.html

He's had to turn off the comments on his blog and may have to make some major changes to his name and whereabouts, etc. because of some people who have decided not only to be mean, but to make threats toward his daughter.

You heard me right, amazing but true.

So why am I telling you all this? Because so far, in all my many blogs, I have only had one mean comment that I chose not to post (wasn't on this blog). I was shocked, but after seeing how mean people could be to Mr. Cool guy, I wasn't too surprised.

My point isn't to gossip, just show support to a guy whose writing, parenting and blogging I admire. And, to keep you people I like to call friends on your toes. We need to be careful how much info we share, specifically about our exact locations. You just can't be too careful.

*This drawing was done by TSE for me yesterday. Isn't he sweet?!


Easily Amused said...

Just wanted to let you know that I loved your SPF pictures and I wanted to touch little bit on this posts subject. I just don't understand why people have to be such jerks. These people just hop around from sandbox to sandbox throwing sand. They have no clue who you are and have never read your blog. They do it because they think it's funny. Really, they should be shot. Seriously! JERKS! It's a shame when it happens to nice people like your friend.

Joan said...

This is terrible! I found your journal from a link off of someone participating in the 'Photo Friday', and because I recognized the name 'Camera Dawkter'. I've been a reader of Rob's journal since the late nineties, and have enjoyed his writing and photos. It's hard to imagine people being such jerks.

Kate said...

I just don't even have any words. I read "the comment" and I am struck.

On a nicer note, I really like your blogs. They are all very sweet. I have a migraine issue too. I have tried every prescribed migraine pill known to Doctors with no luck. I am going herbal now. Have you tried taking feverfew? It is supposed to work pretty well. I have a bottle and will let you know how I fare. Take care ;).


CameraDawktor said...

Kate, a few more meds and I will have reached the point of "every migraine med known to man"...so we are sisters.

I am on lamictal right now and so far so good....but this has only been my 5th day, I've gotten one migraine but I gave it to myself w/ the mai tai!

I do hope you'll come back, and I'll bookmark you too. Thanks for reading.......

spicehut said...

Firstly, A very Happy Anniversary to you ! Your wedding pic is really cute.
I really love how you have pics & have preserved them, through the various stages of your life. Best wishes for many more years of a Happy Wedding.

Now, coming to the comments :

Threats to someone's daughter !! Thats crazy. Can your friend track this person through his/her IP ?

Ha ha even I got a mean comment sometime back, and I was pretty sure who it came from, but I just let it go & didnt publish. Best to ignore such people.

You are right about not telling too much over the net.

CameraDawktor said...

Thanks for the warm wishes!

I'm not sure what kind of action he's going to take.

It was his decision to print the comments or not, and I don't know that I would have even printed the first one. But, he did, and even though he did the "naughty party" shouldn't have gone that far.

It's just a good lesson for all of us.

I can't believe someone would ever leave you a nasty comment...yikes!

Donnak said...

I just read My Beloved Monster and Me's blog. Since I can't leave a comment there maybe you can pass one on for me - I don't know what the blog was about but I do know that NO ONE has the right to threaten another person's child. Tell him I'm really sorry this has happened.

Thanks for letting us all know about this. :)

Writer Mom said...

What donnak said.

June said...

That is an absolute shocker and it is good for all responsible blogging parents etc to look out for each other (: