Chit- chat

Chit- chat
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I saw this lovely photo today taken by one of my flickr contacts.

She said in her description of the photo: "I thought that such moments of sharing and enjoying a peer's company would do a lot of good to one's mental health."

Isn't this what all of us want? I realized in a fresh new way, that is a lot of the reason why I blog and post pics up @ flickr. I enjoy being connected with people. You and I (Yah you who are reading this right now) are not face to face. But we are head to head, sharing thoughts, insights, discoveries, emotions, life. Nobody wants to feel lonely, and sometimes we do. Loneliness isn't good for one's mental health, which is what I believe Kamala was getting at.

Look at the colors in the picture, they are bright, cheery and happy. Look at their posture. They seem serious about their discussion, intent and intentional. It's simple really, it's not about the Starbucks coffee, or the shopping trip, the lunch out @ a fancy restaraunt.

It's togetherness........and like I told Kamala, it spans all generations, races and religions. It's just about people. And people need people.

If you are a regular here, thank you. Receiving your comments are always, always appreciated and enjoyed by moi.


Grandma Jacki said...

Now I know you not only have a great eye for taking great pictures, you have a great eye for spotting a great picture.

CameraDawktor said...

Thanks GJ, I think I have fallen in love with this one!

Uzz said...

Excellent shot...I wish I could go overseas and shoot. Sometimes I feel like I have reached a stagnation in my career and life and a big part of me would love to become a missionary so I can go places to help people, absorb other cultures and shoot memorable images.

Once my son gets old enough or gets bored of having me around, I would love to go to and minister.

Thanks for the shot!

Lawanda said...

I love it! And "people need people" Never a truer word. :)