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Unfortunately, there's always someone out there in the world who has it worse off than you.

Not that we should revel in others' pain, but sometimes it is helpful and slightly refreshing to be reminded of that.

That's what this pic did for me.

Went to the urologist today and got some bad news. My stones are worse off than they were back in December. I have many.... many....many.

Most look passable, but one on the left (that darn left side!) there is a 7mm one. Those, folks, are impassable.

So.........he didn't know what to do. Let me wait (translates to eventually in the ER, morphine and removal procedure with stint) whenever this sucker decides to go on the move......

OR, blast them again with shockwave lithotripsy. Not a bad experience, just means I could be laid up for a few days to week or longer on drugs trying to pass all that decide to come out.

So, when I told him that I'm going to Thailand next January it was easier for him to decide what to do.

You already knew I was SHOCKING...now I will be schocking-ER.

My underwater date with electricity is set for July 10th. I could have chosen the 3rd, but the drugs would have stopped me from enjoying the firewworks! ARGGGHHH!!!!

So there you have it. Yes I'm joking, but i'd be lying if I didn't say its all slightly depressing. I mean, it sure would be nice to get a break from all the health crap.....but like I told the uro doc, I guess I'm just SPECIAL>


So, after July 10th, if I start writing crazy and bizarre stuff, just remember its the percocet talking NOT ME!!!


QuillDancer said...

Percocet helped me decorate my kitchen once. Ragu Spaghetti Sauce is not the paint I would have chosen for my walls on a drug free day. (I call them "stoopid" pills.)

CameraDawktor said...

HI! It's always nice to have a new face around here, hope you'll come back!

Yes, they do tend to make one stoopid, and that's why when I take them I don't get behind the wheel. So if any of those blasted stones decide to exit I will be homebound for the duration!

Lawanda said...

Well, you make it sound funny, but I know it isnt :(

I am sorry you are having all these health issues. I know how painful kidney stones can be (although not first hand...)

So ((HUGS)) And I hope they are as painless as possible and gone in time for you to enjoy Thailand.

CameraDawktor said...

thanks, me too...no more migraines would be nice too! (as I mumble that through my narcotic...)

Gracie said...

Awwww huggsssss

I literally FEEL YOUR PAIN!

Thankfully, morphine is a very good friend of mine, too. :)

I'm at a point right now where I'm supposed to be "stone free." Of course I passed a stone 2 months ago at a point when I was supposedly stone free also, so who knows!? I just take a pill if my back (kidney) hurts too bad and strain my urine for a few days.
It sounds weird, but is quite routine for me now.

I hope it all works out for you, and that you're able to be stone free for a LONG time! :)

CameraDawktor said...

Oh my, honestly, I don't know when I will be stone free. I have my x-ray here, and I could count but I have at the very least 5 clusters of 4-8 pieces from the last lithotripsy on the left, and 2 stones on the right, one of which is the 7mm. And those are the ones that showed up in the x-ray. I haven't passed any since right after the lithotripsy on Halloween, which lasted a week or more. 18 small pieces is what I got out. So time will tell what I can get rid of this go-round. I can't imagine getting rid of all of them, but suppose it is possible. I just need to make sure I don't have any impassable ones before I go to Thailand in January.

Unfortunately, I wish we couldn't relate to each other on this one! Yikes...but as much as this is no fun, truly the migraine problem is much worse. That's what I dread.

Thanks for commenting!

Cindy said...

Yikes, this does sound oh so painful. So sorry! I have never had the experience, thank goodness. Hope you get this cleared up asap so you can enjoy life again and be pain free!