Justin - 3rd brain surgery

Oh my, somebody, I think her name is Mrs Smarty Pants, commented on my picture today on flickr. I went to her web page and she has an amazing amazing story about her son.

The emergency room doc was telling her to do one thing for her son, which she thought was wrong. She stood her ground, got her way, and turned out to be right!

I haven't read her other posts yet but it sounds like an amazing story of survival, and I thought I'd share it with you all.

Check her out @ http://www.mrssmartypants.net/

I'm glad she found me today......


Donnak said...

Good for her! Mother's always seem to know when something isn't right for their children. :)

Anonymous said...

oh man thank you for "spotlighting" me on your blog ....I feel so special ;)