A LIttle Scream to Help Her Swing

Yesterday evening, after we ate our ice cream, Papa D and I took the kids to practice their golf swing.

I mean, shoot....when an American loses the US Open to an Aussie, people need to get it together and practice the game of golf much harder with their kids.....we just can't be lettin' that kind of stuff happen!


Ater watching his favorite, Phil Mickelson lose in the US Open this Father's Day, Daddy decided to take the kids out to practice their swings.

Today was a good day, got my kidney stone x-ray for my appointment on Friday, will be interesting to see how many are still there, hanging out and growing back together.

Speaking of stones, while I was getting my x-ray for my check up, my brother-in-law had to be taken to the emergency room for...............
drum roll please.................kidney stones!


So, he is at home, on drugs, trying to pass however many they said he had.....we will all wish him a speedy recovery!

For all the photos of Father's Day 2006, go here: http://flickr.com/photos/99125058@N00/170889945/

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