my new hair cut

my new hair cut
Originally uploaded by cameradawktor.
Photo for SPF @ www.randomandodd.com on 6-23-06.

My new hair cut taken @ midnight. Yes, I know, my tag is up...but it was midnight, who cares?!


Easily Amused said...

Lovin the new "do". I go for the shot styles myself. Great SPF playing...I played too.

Lee said...

nice haircut...is all the red gone? and yeah, transferring stuff to a new book tedious, much easier to keep sticking pieces of paper in it ;)

CameraDawktor said...

No, the red is not gone, just can't see it too well in this pic! I touch it up every week and a half and I'm due for more brightness in a few days!

gail said...

cute haircut! I played.

Kami said...

Now, you coulda PSed that tag right out! ;)

Cute hair! I bet that feels sooooo great!

LynAnne said...

Your new cut looks cool and easy to take care of (and fashionable too!) I'm jealous!

Suzanne R said...

I love your hair -- wish I could wear mine short sometimes but there's a *history* with my mom over my hair length so I mostly want it long. ;-) Nice pics -- you are more alert at midnight than I am! LOL! Happy SPF! Thanks for stopping by!

Writer Mom said...

I'm with Suzanne. You sure get a lot done at the late hour.
Love the look!
Aren't tags supposed to show?

Jana said...

Great haircut! And yes, with my last shot I wasn't trying to show off my shirt so much as I was trying to make it into Lee's "Bosom Hall of Fame." LOL!

Gracie said...

Cute! Cute! Cute haircut!

I like how you made the glasses picture interesting too!
Very artsy of you! :)

Fleur De Lisa said...

Great new haircut- perfect for summer!

I love the B&W on the glasses-very cool.

Happy SPF and I played too.

Hag in the jag said...

Very Spunky haircut- adorable.
I played

Lawanda said...

I like your hair :)

Have I told you before (?) you have such nice eyebrows!

CameraDawktor said...

You know how people say LOL when they are really not...I AM! Thanks for liking my eyebrows. You should see how bushy they actually are! I don't know if you ever noticed that in some of my old pictures. Maybe one of these days I'll post a nice bushy eyebrow pic for you.

My friend does hair and once she waxed them. I have just tried to keep it up ever since (eyebrow waxing is not completely enjoyable.)

Anyways, I've always wondered if I was doing a very good job @ it, I mean, I'm not an eyebrow expert or anything.

I'm glad you like it. haha I'm still LOL! teehee!