Father's Day 2006

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Just a little shout out/ Happy Father's Day to my Poppies and Papa D....and all the other little homie Dad's who might happen to read this today (I think there might only be one! you know who you are..........)

'gonna be lyin' low with the sickies here.......had to postpone the breakfast out w/ my Daddy-0. Fortunately he's retired, so we can easily reschedule.

Let me know what you all are doin'. So far I haven't lost my appetite, so maybe we'll just stay home and BBQ, the day's young, so time will tell.........

*Does anyone know what's going on with the posting through blogger and why there's so many big freakin' spaces between the end of your post and the comments. I can't seem to delete the (enters) no matter how hard I try.

**One more reason to blog through flickr........


Donnak said...

LOL do you blog through flickr? I haven't tried that yet. But with a blog on yahoo and a new one on frappr + this one - I think I have all I can handle! lol

Sorry to hear about the 'sickies'

Thanks for stopping by earlier! Hope yours has a great day tomorrow. :)

CameraDawktor said...

It's not a blog ON flickr, I can post to blogger through flickr and it shows up on blogger.

Feeling better today so we are all going to try and go to church!

Cindy said...

Sorry to hear you have sick people today. Bummer! Hope everyone gets over it soon. Loved the pics of your anniv. Hey you will have to try Who-Song and Larry's next time you are in portland. It's right next to Joe's Crab Shack. I've alway heard wonderful things about where you both ate and we have yet to try it. Sorry to hear your friend had some nasties post on his blog. Sadly it does happen, even to me. the nice thing about typepad is that you can block an IP from leaving a comment and I have had to do that with one gal. Oh well...

Take care,