First Seedless Blackberries of the Summer

This evening as I was making dinner the kids were playing around in the yard. My youngest, 5 year old TSE came in with a handful of 5 seedless blackberies, the kind that grow sparse and low to the ground. Much different than the larger, seeded, weed variety.

"Mom, do you want one?"
"Hey, do you want me to take a picture of them?"
"O.K." I eagerly snap two shots.
"I know...you are going to get on the computer...."
"No I'm not."
"Oh..." he sounds deflated.
"I thought you were going to blog it."

Good idea, I think to myself. These kids, one minute they are running to the camera, the next they are running from it. And, they are learning the beauty of a bloggable moment! They are the greatest (my kids) and the blackberries were pretty sweet too!


Jana said...

That's too funny! I love the purple stains on his fingers - what a great picture!

Writer Mom said...

Too cute. My kids are just getting to the point where I can show them a picture of themselves in the view finder of my camera. That inspires them to try again. Up until recently, they were avoiding the camera. Refusing to look at it and say 'cheese.' Jack will take more pictures than he'll pose for.

You DO have great kids. So fantastic that they are so involved with your hobbies. It's the ultimate multi-tasking. Everyone wins.

mysouth said...

That is really cute!! It has been nice to take some time off. Things got pretty hectic, bought a house etc..a real "hair puller" but it's heaven having one (finally). What kind of camera do u use again? I am really thinking of putting some money aside and buy a REAL camera lol. Where you can zoom and it comes out clear. The one i have now, the more you zoom the blurrier it gets especially when you try and develop the film. SUch money wasted. But, IM GLAD TO BE BACK TOO.

Suzanne R said...

That's adorable, CD! And those first berries are so great (maybe not always the sweetest, but there's something very special about them).

Thanks for the advice on putting the Flickr pictures on my blog! I followed it and I'm very happy with the result!

Lawanda said...

GREAT pic and aint that lil TSE such a sweetie?! I love it when my kids have one of those intuitive moments :)