Clemmy Baby

Clemmy Baby
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Did you ever have an imaginary friend or a favorite stuffed toy?

My favorite was a handmade Raggedy Ann doll. I wasn't one to play with dolls but I loved that little rag doll. Maybe its 'cause she's got red hair, and I like red....and because her clothes were so colorful.....and I like colorful.

Anyway, Raggedy Ann really lived up to her name, and she was well worn. So much so, that one day when I came home from school, she was gone.

Mom had thrown her in the trash.

I wish she would have asked first, and let me decided. But that's my Mom.......

Anyway, maybe she learned her lesson. This is Clemmy Baby. He was my brother's favorite pal. He even had an imaginary friend. I think his name was George. He loved to lay in bed (we shared adjoining rooms until I was 10) and I could hear him tell Clemmy Baby all about his day. What had happened...the good and the bad. He just liked to talk to him, it was his buddy.

My parents are going through 33 years of accumulation in the same house and they are preparing for a garage sale this weekend. Mom found a bag with a bunch of my little brother's old stuffed animals. Out she pulled Clem. Good old Clem. She's going to ask my brother if he wants him, but he rides a Harley, races motocross, has 3 tattoos, and is an electrician. We don't really think he will want him.

I'm not sure where Clem will go if Noonie rejects him. He won't go back in the bag into the attic. Alas and alack, he may get thrown away. Mom may think he's too old (over 30 years) to try to find someone to buy him at the garage sale.

So of course, I had to go out to my minivan and retrieve my camera. (My camera bag is now my purse....you never know when you are going to need a camera!) Here's the photo I ended up with. NO matter what happens to Clemmy, he is now in blogland forever, to be memorialized!

Ain't he cute?

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Grandma Jacki said...

Clemmy was loved! I'm sure glad you carry your camara everywhere!